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Zhiyun Co., Ltd.: core technology advantages expand application fields

Guide: as a leading automation equipment solution provider in China, Zhiyun Co., Ltd. has recently launched an IPO listing journey, becoming the first listed share among the 10 enterprises in Dalian that have started preparations for gem listing. This IPO of Zhiyun shares plans to issue 15million shares to the public, with a total share capital of 60million shares. It is expected to raise 150million yuan, which is mainly used for technology centers and supporting construction projects to industrialize independent core technologies

Zhiyun Co., Ltd. is a leading automation equipment solution provider in China. Its products cover the fields of automatic testing equipment, automatic assembly equipment, continuous improvement of new material industry innovation carrier equipment, logistics handling equipment, cleaning and filtration equipment, cutting and processing equipment, etc

for many years, the company has been committed to revitalizing the national automation equipment industry. At present, it has five mature equipment technologies and has a high industry position: in 2008, the company ranked first and third in the domestic auto engine automatic detection and automatic assembly product market respectively. At present, the downstream customers of the company have covered more than 90% of the major domestic automobile engine manufacturers, and large automobile groups such as general motors, Nissan, Honda, Dongfeng Motor are the long-term customers of the company's products

the automatic design technologies currently mastered by the company, such as automatic detection technology, automatic assembly technology, cleaning and filtration technology, logistics handling technology, multi station special processing technology, have good portability, and can be widely used in many fields such as automobile, railway, electronics, chemical industry, medical treatment, etc. The company has been authorized with 15 patents and has recently applied for more than 20 patents

on the basis of mastering the leading technology, Zhiyun Co., Ltd. firmly grasped the development trend of international advanced parts, made full use of the automatic process system to solve the R & D capacity, and broke the foreign process barriers. At present, a number of technologies of the company have filled the domestic gap and reached the international advanced level, laying the foundation for the localization of high-voltage rail supply. With excellent solutions and strong technical strength, the company won the R & D, design and manufacturing of the first high-voltage common rail automatic detection and assembly line in China in 2009. At present, the project has entered the stage of on-site commissioning

while maintaining the leading position in the existing industry, the heavy metal ions in Zhiyun's seawater cannot penetrate this film to corrode the hull. Many people will continue to make strategic adjustments and expand other fields according to the changes in market demand, so as to provide a broader market space for the company. Taking full advantage of the good portability of core technology, the company has entered the automation equipment market in rail transit, new energy and other fields, further opening up the development space of the company. For example, the factory cleaner manufacturing system is a set of high-efficiency environmental protection system developed by Zhiyun company based on the company's original cleaning and filtration technology, through cooperation with domestic well-known companies, to introduce, digest and absorb international advanced technology, and integrate automatic control technology, information technology and logistics transportation technology, aiming at the current situation of waste and environmental pollution caused by the mixed discharge of factory chips, impurities and purification liquid. Through centralized or single machine treatment of workpiece cleaning and cutting fluid, the system can realize efficient supply, recovery, purification and recycling of coolant, and provide a process system of chip and filter residue drying and advanced treatment of briquette, so as to ensure the cleanness, green, environmental protection and energy saving of the factory

in addition, the improvement of automation localization rate and industrial upgrading boost the strong demand for automation equipment, which will help the company further expand the application field of core technology, improve market share and expand revenue

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