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The CeMAT Asia international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition, which just ended at the end of October, attracted 70239 visitors and achieved unprecedented success

Kohler engine booth is located in W1 International Hall. The simple and atmospheric booth style perfectly shows the international brand image of Kohler engine. Kohler exhibited the new generation of KDI engine, which attracted countless visitors to stop for a long time

the implementation of high emission regulations promotes that domestic forklift enterprises must develop new products in order to continue to enter or maintain markets in Europe and the United States. Undoubtedly, choosing a power product with qualified quality, superior performance and qualified emissions is the top priority in the research and development of new products

after the "core" power of Kohler engine forklift

rises to the fourth stage, the requirements for the treatment of engine exhaust are particularly strict. It is easy to increase the frequency of malfunctions of electromechanical and sensor equipment covering 20 major industrial fields. It is necessary to increase the post processor to meet the standard, and the limited layout space is the problem faced by most manufacturers

Kohler KDI series engine is a brand-new design based on the highest emission. Its volume is extremely compact, and emissions can be met only through small doc. KDI engine in "It is very easy to replace and install the existing two-stage/three-stage forklift chassis from raw materials into the factory. There is still room for surplus, and there are several actual matching cases.

according to the field measurement, the engine performs particularly well in vibration, noise and fuel consumption, with abundant power. The high torque at low speed also makes the lifting easier and more comfortable. At the same time, because the engine is controlled by ECU, it is also easy to load at low idle speed It will not cause flameout and shutdown

With a rigorous attitude and exquisite manufacturing technology, Kohler engine is committed to providing "core" power for Chinese forklift enterprises and going hand in hand to the foreign market. We also fully support many customers to complete the upgrading of domestic emissions, reduce exhaust emissions in the morning of March 30, and keep our next generation away from pollution and haze

Kohler engines are part of Kohler power group, a global supplier of industrial, commercial and residential engines and generator sets. Since its establishment for more than 90 years, Kohler engine has become the world's leading industrial engine manufacturer with its high-quality products and excellent R & D and innovation capabilities

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