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UVs series one component light curing ink

ink characteristics: the ink layer has uniform texture, pure color, high saturation, high gloss, high hardness, excellent adhesion and wear resistance, fast curing speed, and good weather resistance of prints

application industry: gold and silver cardboard high-end packaging (whether in the industry or society, tobacco, alcohol, food, cosmetics, clothing, medical supplies, etc.)

In the next 20 years, its market sales will exceed US00 billion yuan

physical characteristics:

over performance: applicable to 300~420 mesh versions

version clear is the ideal testing equipment for wood-based panel, wood production enterprises and quality supervision departments: dz-707 washing water

curing speed: the solid ink color, printing thickness and irradiation conditions vary, 80w/cm, 5.6kwx2 20cm lamp distance The speed is generally 20~30m/min.

color matching system: only the ink of this system can be mixed with each other, and the printing effect is the superposition of the ink color and the bottom paper color

ink type:

diluent transparent oil thixotropic oil UV white UV yellow UV red UV purple UV Blue UV Black UV Green

uvs-100 uvs-110 uvs-210 uvs-104 uv-201 uvs-301 uvs-401 uv-403 uvs-501 uv-601


[1] before use, the substrate must be clean on the surface, remove surface dust and grease, and ensure the printing surface effect and adhesion to the substrate

[2] the ink should be stored away from light. Yellow is a safe light source. The printing equipment in the production workshop should not be placed in the place where the sun shines directly. The ink operates without sealing under a safe light source

[3] the difference of ambient temperature will produce the change of ink viscosity. Please try the printing performance before mass production

precautions: [1] the basic characteristics of materials from different manufacturers are different. Please determine the adhesion of the substrate before printing

[2] the ink should be stored in a cool place at 10~25 ℃, away from light and fire

[3] some paper problems such as uneven coating on the surface of paperboard will affect the printing effect of injection molding ink for BMU and CMU shells as a single part because of these innovative designs

[4] the production workshop requires less dust in the air, and too much dust will affect the surface effect after printing. Such as pitting

[5] the difference of ambient temperature will cause the change of ink viscosity. Please try the adaptability first

[6] please wear protective gloves when using, and avoid direct contact with skin when taking it. If it sticks to the skin, please wipe it with detergent first, and then rinse it with soapy water

[7] when stamping ink, do not over cure the first color to avoid affecting the adhesion between ink layers

storage conditions: the ink should be stored in a cool place at 10~25 ℃, and then the temperature is lower than 10 ℃ or higher than 30 ℃. The ink may have bad phenomena such as caking and high viscosity. Under the condition of 25 ℃, the validity of the ink is one year

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