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V2 video conference flexible control of office hours ctiforum news on January 6 (Guo Jia): for most professional fathers and dads, if they can flexibly control office hours, their work enthusiasm will be higher and their work efficiency will be improved. As the best gift for professional dads and dads, choosing V2 video conferencing may realize this hope. As the mainstream video conference software product in China's local market, V2 video conference has strong audio and video processing capabilities, supports a variety of audio and video protocols such as H.264, and can be seamlessly connected with most mainstream video conference software terminals in the current market. Users can choose the appropriate audio and video protocol according to the actual situation

the video conference terminal adopts the industry's advanced H.264 coding method, supports H.263 4cif high-quality video image display, and can provide high-definition image quality for video conference users to realize high-definition V2 video conference. And V2 video conference has rich functions, including camera remote control, multicast, TV wall, multi group conference concurrency, high-capacity video conference, etc. users can choose appropriate modules according to their own needs to build a complete V2 video conference platform. V2 video conference data application tools such as electronic whiteboard, application sharing, desktop sharing, instant messaging, document transmission, etc. are also available. Users can use them to meet their different needs, such as V2 video conference remote recruitment, V2 video conference remote training, V2 video conference remote consultation, etc

video conference also has powerful conference data function, which can shorten the time of written documents, notices, orders, commands, etc. issued during decision-making. The file sharing function of V2 video conference can realize the sharing of documents in various formats: PowerPoint, word, Excel, PDF, TXT, flash and the storage of various audio-visual original documents. The server can be used as an independent server, which can be combined with V2 video conference to realize video conference materials Video indexing, storage, on-demand and live broadcast. V2 video conference has an optimized electronic whiteboard, and the decision-making level can timely approve the return ahead; With conference recording function, it can realize real-time synchronous recording of video conference, which is stored in general ASF format. For multi-channel audio and video data and whiteboard and text communication data, it can realize selective recording, and then turn the hand wheel to make the multimedia data can be synchronously played back at any time

at the beginning of research and development, the goal of V2 video conference is to assist business people to work flexibly at a time and place suitable for their lifestyle. Although some people still like to work from nine to five, and it takes an hour or so to commute to and from work, most professional fathers and mothers need more work flexibility. They hope that while working, they can take care of their children, pick up their children to school and undertake more other families. Nowadays, V2 video conference can easily help people realize this wish. V2 video conference can avoid the rush of overseas meetings by means of video conference, and turn the meetings that need heavy traffic into face-to-face virtual meetings that only take more than ten minutes. A large enterprise that has deployed V2 video conferencing said that V2 video conferencing, which can flexibly deploy working hours, improve workflow and work efficiency, can significantly improve the quality of life and work of its employees

nowadays, famous brand watches, high-end ties, famous brand shirts and iPads are suitable for holiday gifts, but they can't help busy fathers free their hands. The emergence of V2 video conference will help professional fathers to arrange their working hours more calmly and happily, be a competent employee in the company, be a competent father in the family, and be a competent family at the same time. At present, nearly 6000 well-known enterprises have been recognized and supported by local governments and have chosen V2 video conferencing, such as China Earthquake Administration, Coca Cola, Lenovo holdings, Wal Mart, Galanz middle beam and workbench, which should often be coated with antirust oil group, Pacific Insurance, DHL, Shijiazhuang Electric Power Company, Guangdong Fire Bureau, Shougang Group, Guangzhou Honda, TCL, Lenovo Group, Southern Newspaper Group China Telecom Group Corporation, Taiwan Red Cross Society, Tsinghua University, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Thailand Chia Tai Group, Guizhou Moutai, Wahaha Group have all chosen to deploy V2 video conference according to national standards

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