The hottest V-shaped railway line was straightened

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The "V" shaped railway line was straightened, and Liugong helped Quli railway start construction

On December 28, another new railway was started in Zhejiang. In the future, it will be convenient for people from Quzhou to Lishui and Wenzhou, and become the most convenient railway transportation channel between Quzhou and the West and Liwen

it is reported that after the completion of Quzhou Lishui railway, the layout of Southwest Zhejiang Road will be improved and the economic integration development of Quzhou, Lishui, Wenzhou and other regions in Zhejiang will be promoted

project overview

it is reported that the Quli railway project is divided into two phases. The Songyang Lishui section is a phase I construction project, starting from Songyang station of quning railway, passing through Songyang county and Liandu District of Lishui City, and finally Lishui station of Jinshui Wenzhou Railway. The new main line is 65.303 kilometers, with a total investment of 9.086 billion yuan, and the construction period is 48 months

the railway grade is national railway grade I, with mixed passenger and freight lines, and the design running speed is 200 km/h. Songyang station, dongxiyan station and Lishui station are distributed along the whole line, of which dongxiyan station is a new station and Songyang and Lishui are junction stations

Quli railway passes near dongxiyan scenic spot in Liandu district. The new dongxiyan station will be built in Xianruo village, Lixin she Township, and the pipeline will flow out of Yichun village. Lixin She nationality township is located in the west of Lishui, 35 kilometers away from the urban area. It borders Laozhu She Nationality Town in the East, Gaoxi Township and Liancheng street in the south, Banqiao She nationality township in Songyang County in the west, Sangang Township and Liucheng She Nationality Town in Wuyi County in the north. It is the junction of Liandu, Songyang and Wuyi counties, and the center of four She Nationality Towns of Laozhu, Liucheng, Lixin and Banqiao

the Quli railway project is a supporting project for the construction of the transportation channel of Zhejiang Grand Garden, which mainly undertakes the passengers in central and southwest China passing through Quzhou and Liwen. It also brings suggestions to solve the problem: the freight flow is the most convenient transportation channel between the two regions. At the same time, it forms a convenient access to the sea with Jiujing Quzhou, Jinwen and other railways in northern Jiangxi and southern Anhui, as well as Hubei and other provinces, It is an important rear transportation channel that undertakes the collection and distribution of goods in Wenzhou port. The railway project shows significant competitive advantages in participating in the production of conduit. The construction is not only the need to realize the economic integration development of quliwen region, improve the layout of the province's economic space resultant force, meet the traffic growth demand along the line and improve the competitiveness of the railway, but also the need for the regions along the line to undertake the industrial transfer of the Yangtze River Delta, so the state of point B 'is exactly the same as that of point B, and change the backward situation, which is of great significance to improve the layout of Southwest Zhejiang Road It is of great significance to accelerate the development of tourism resources in our city, promote the social and economic development along the line, and help achieve the goal of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way

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