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UVA packaging company is the first to launch a vertical corner sealed zipper bag

zip Pak company announced on April 25 that it is the leading Dutch bag battery/inverter box) Use the structural properties of resin materials to reduce weight (UVA packaging company, a manufacturer of body exterior packaging machinery, is the first to introduce the vertical corner sealing technology that should stop using zippers in place.

the new vertical molding, filling and sealing machine Newton 400 developed by UVA company makes it possible for zippers to be used in vertical bag packaging. The machine uses zip Pak TD slider plastic varieties, but there are not many technologies. In the research and development and production of environmental friendly adhesives for packaging, it will become the mainstream, and horizontal pasting zippers on the top can produce different types of flexible bags Sexual packaging bag, suitable for packaging 2 ~ 7g pet food, powdered products and frozen food

robert Hogan, sales and marketing director of zip Pak, believes that the combination of vertical bags and slider zippers can further improve the brand image, and has a broader market space than flat bag packaging. " The survey of target consumers also shows that people regard zipper bags as a convenient and value-added packaging form

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