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in October 2012, it was extremely exciting for the members of the sub center of Fujian Normal University of the national economic comprehensive competitiveness research center. The first English version of the report on the development of the comprehensive competitiveness of China's provincial economy in 2012 was officially published by British paths international press and exhibited at the International Book Exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany, which has received extensive attention from overseas peer experts, government agencies and international organizations

this is an important achievement of the 12th Five year national key book publishing planning project, which is a very few foreign translation works selected by the Social Sciences Literature Publishing House of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and the British paths international publishing house after strict selection and selection. Its launch is a significant step in consciously implementing the "going out" strategy of philosophy and Social Sciences, and also won an international voice for China in the evaluation system of regional competitiveness

regain the right to speak

on the whole, at present, there are not many domestic philosophy and social science books published abroad. In the past, opening to the outside world was more prominent, and insufficient attention, guidance and encouragement were paid to the economy and cultural communication. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the central government has realized the inadequacy of this work. In 2011, the Ministry of education put forward the "going out" plan of philosophy and Social Sciences in Colleges and universities, truly encouraging colleges and universities to go out from the national level. However, there are not many works going out across the country, and Fujian Province is even more limited. Professor huangmaoxing, deputy dean of the school of economics of Fujian Normal University and executive deputy director of the center, said

he said that the past neglect has made China's philosophy and social sciences circles lack a voice in the international community. For example, the regional competitiveness evaluation system has been monopolized by the world economic forum and the Swiss Lausanne School of management since the 1980s. They use the western evaluation system to measure countries, including China, where we have no say

in this context, they are determined to go out and launch the English version of the report on the development of comprehensive competitiveness of China's provincial economy and the just published English version of the report on the development of world innovation competitiveness

for this series of blue books that have been published in China for many years, Huang maoxing is full of confidence: our report on the development of comprehensive competitiveness of China's provincial economy has the conditions for foreign publication in terms of quality and content value. After publishing a series of provincial competitiveness blue books for seven consecutive years, we have formed a unique research direction, which has attracted extensive attention from government departments and academia, and has produced positive social repercussions at home and abroad. This development report provides very useful reference materials for in-depth understanding of China's economic development strength and development level. After the Chinese version was published, many foreign Chinese researchers, consulates, foreign institutions in China, etc. ordered it one after another

feel the stone to cross the river

the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is not so simple. Without experience or reference, they had to feel the stones to cross the river

it's OK to publish an English version. Who are you looking for? Before that, the research center had few external contacts and less in-depth international exchanges. It was not easy to find a reliable foreign publishing house

but soon, they found an opportunity. The publisher of the Chinese version of the report on the development of the comprehensive competitiveness of China's provincial economy, Social Science Literature Publishing House, has signed strategic cooperation agreements with many publishers in the Netherlands and Britain, but the self-adhesive testing is our experimental machine. After strict cost 28Mpa quality control and expert review, we can recommend domestic excellent blue books of social sciences to help recommend their publication. Through efforts, the report on the development of comprehensive competitiveness of China's provincial economy was recommended to paths international press in the UK

however, there are many difficulties in terms of cost, organization and translation, especially in communication with foreign publishing companies

Research Center Cl k: the team of clock input signal terminal currently has 26 people, most of whom are teachers who carry on their shoulders without auxiliary parts. They have to attend classes and do research at the same time. In terms of research alone, they will launch twoorthree research results every year, with a huge workload. Publishing English Monographs will bring them greater pressure. Many of us don't have weekends or holidays. Last year, except for business trips, I spent most of my time in the office from Monday to Sunday. Huang maoxing's office is full of books and materials. Once you sit down somewhere, you can't see anyone

western publishing houses have a high threshold and are very strict about the value and quality of publications. Before publishing, they require that the title, main content, catalogue and other information of the book be hung on Amazon to accept readers' reservations. If the reservation quantity reaches twoorthree copies, we can negotiate and sign a contract with you. Moreover, the two sides have great differences in ideas. They should not only consider the market reaction, but also care about the popularity and academic reputation of the research and innovation team. Even if they can make money, they will not agree to publish

finally, the number of reservations reached and the contract was signed. But then the translation of works gave them a headache. At that time, we didn't know much about overseas publishing houses, and the research group didn't intervene in the publishing work in the early stage, so we didn't know their requirements and specifications. After we invited professionals to complete the translation, we also invited experts with overseas backgrounds to review it. We thought we could pass the test. Unexpectedly, paths publishing house was not very satisfied with our translation quality, language norms, economic models, tabular forms and many other aspects. After all, we haven't fully mastered the Western language norms, and it's very difficult for us to call back again and again

he said that the English version of the report on the development of comprehensive competitiveness of China's provincial economy was submitted in the second half of 2011 and was not published until October 2012. It took almost a year between them, and he couldn't remember how many times it had been revised. But anyway, the book was finally published, and it was a hit

has opened up a good platform

the publication of books is just a symbol. More importantly, we have participated in international exchanges, obtained recognition, and made our voice internationally. We have established trust with internationally renowned publishing companies and participated in Frankfurt Book Fair, one of the world's two top book fairs, which has created a good platform for us to expand international cooperation in the future

soon, this platform has been used by them. On February 28, the first yellow book of the world innovation competitiveness development report, which was studied by the sub center of Fujian Normal University of the national economic comprehensive competitiveness research center, was released at the Chinese Academy of social sciences. At the same time, the English version published by paths international press was also released globally

due to the last cooperation, the publishing house has a deeper understanding and trust in us, and we are also more experienced and have a translation cooperation team. As soon as the Chinese version is created, the translation is carried out, and the publishing house revises the part. We can work overtime, and the British publishing house also works overtime for us to catch up with the progress. Therefore, this translation and revision greatly shortened the time. Huang maoxing said that in April, the book will also be exhibited at the London International Book Fair. In this way, they have gradually established cooperative relations with the two major book fairs in the world

of course, the publication of the English versions of these two books overseas is only the first step for them to go global. Then, the foreign language version of the G20 national innovation competitiveness development report () will be published soon, and the publication of these three series of leather books abroad will also be normalized. Our attempt provides a useful exploration for philosophy and social sciences to go global. This year, we are also going to visit paths press in the UK to further deepen our understanding and reach a longer-term cooperation. Talking about the future, Huang maoxing is more confident. Publishing research results overseas is a step for our research center to go out. The key is to strengthen international cooperation, establish an international research team that crosses national boundaries, improve the research vision of team members, and make China's voice in the world

it is reported that British paths international press is a World Publishing Group registered in the UK. The group began to enter the international publishing industry in the early 1980s. After years of efforts, it has established its leading position in the industry. In recent years, paths international press has gradually focused on high-end academic achievements in Asia, especially China. We hope to introduce high-quality academic and professional achievements in Asia to readers in Europe and North America

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