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UV LED curing machine -- a good helper of glass bonding

the application of UV LED UV curing machine in civil areas has just begun, mainly in the decoration of kitchen windows in retail stores, the application of buildings including colored glass, and more importantly, the application of safety glass. The traditional process is to use polyvinyl butyral for bonding. Two pieces of glass coated with this adhesive need to be stacked and rolled in a hot press at 130 ℃ and 1.3mpa for a certain time. The total production time of this kind of safety glass is about 20 hours. With the help of UV curing adhesive, the bonding process can be completed in only a few seconds or minutes. This greatly shortens the production cycle, saves energy and improves economic benefits. In the jewelry and decoration industry, it can quickly complete the inlaying and positioning of gemstones, crystals, etc

d lamps (glass lamp cup and lamp cover, PCB board and glass lamp cup are firmly bonded, you can directly click to enter; if not set)

2 Glass furniture (glass to glass bonding, glass to metal bonding)

3 Crystal crafts (glass and glass stick to ensure the work of consumers, crystal photos)

4 Electronic scale (bonding between glass panel and plastic hardware e-commerce market is about to break out in metal bracket)

5 Inlay and positioning of gemstones, crystals, etc

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