The hottest UV printer market is huge

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UV printer market is huge

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core tip: since the development of UV printer, with great advantages, it has quickly seized the printing industry market, operated in Chinese and occupied 60% of the market share. Why can UV printers achieve such rapid development? What's the secret

[China Packaging News] since its research and development, UV printers have quickly seized the printing industry market with great advantages and occupied 60% of the market share. Why can UV printers achieve such rapid development? What's the secret

the most important point is the huge benefit stimulation; With the continuous development of the times, people's living standards are improving day by day, and their requirements for life are also higher and higher. The previous printing products can no longer meet people's aesthetic needs; The advent of UV printers can fill this gap, and printing products can win people's love, thus generating huge benefits. Under the stimulation of huge interests, more and more people are investing in this industry, and more and more people are studying the effect of UV printers, so that the UV printer technology continues to improve. The continuous improvement of new technology should lead to the poor use of household registration tablets to UV printers after the completion of some wood plastic projects, thus forming a virtuous circle

another point is that compared with the traditional screen printing brush machine, the operation of UV printer is very simple, and more materials can be printed. With the continuous introduction of LED irradiation technology and other advanced technologies, UV printing must speed up technological progress and scientific and technological innovation, and the printing process of the machine is becoming simpler and simpler. UV flat-panel printer can realize the environmental protection printing process of high-precision and multi-color, version free and non-contact, namely spraying and drying on any flat soft and hard material surface; There is no need to worry about the pollution caused by silk printing in the past, which will have a negative impact on individuals and the surrounding environment

up to now, the market of UV printers is still expanding. The origin of customers in the IT industry, advertising industry, art market and so on has never been one kind. The latest research shows that UV printers may be applied in the medical industry, because it is found that UV printers can print human knee periosteum in the future, bringing great happiness to everyone

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