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Weak PVC market with light firm offer 1. Market overview the National Bureau of statistics released data today. In May, industrial enterprises above Designated Size nationwide realized a year-on-year increase of 12.3% in profits. In May, we continued to update the experimental machine knowledge articles, with a month-on-year increase of 15.5%. The relevant report of the national development and Reform Commission defines the urbanization path for the first time, and will fully liberalize the settlement restrictions of small cities in the future. The trading atmosphere in the domestic PVC spot market is weak, and the quotations of merchants are mainly weak and fine tuned

II. Upstream raw materials

the inventory of commodity crude oil in the United States last week was the same as that in the previous period. On Wednesday, the international crude oil price was slightly repeated and closed up slightly. On the 26th, the market of ethylene monomer in Asia was stable and small, and CFR Northeast Asia market continued to rise slightly by $10/ton to 1254 5 dollars/ton. Factors to be considered for CFR southeast to purchase electronic tensile testing machine the sub market continued to close at 1286 5 dollars/ton

the price of domestic calcium carbide continues to be stable, and the market lacks obvious news stimulation, so the price is in a dilemma. The start-up of PVC enterprises is still unstable, and there are still many uncertain factors in the changes between supply and demand. Therefore, the contradiction between low price consolidation and price increase will continue. It is expected that the overall price of calcium carbide in the short term will continue to remain stable, and it is not ruled out that individual prices may be adjusted flexibly according to their own arrival and capital status

III. enterprise dynamics

1. Carbide method

today, the quotation of carbide method enterprises is not adjusted much. At present, the factory quotation of enterprises in Northwest China is accepted at RMB/ton. Enterprises in Central China will be accepted at RMB yuan/ton. The ex factory price of Shanxi Yushe rose by 50 to 6450 yuan/ton

2. Ethylene method

today, the quotation of ethylene PVC enterprises is basically stable, and the ex factory price of Tianjin Dagu, an ethylene PVC enterprise in North China, has risen by 50 yuan/ton. Taizhou Zhengda, an East China Ethylene PVC enterprise, accepted at about 7050 yuan/ton. The prices of Formosa Plastics Ningbo's various models were stable. 65 reported 7150 yuan/ton, 60 reported 7200 yuan/ton, and 70 reported 73. Compared with 2015, the main pollution computers sent control signals to the servo valves that sulfur oxide, nitrogen oxide, and volatile organic compounds were reduced by more than 20% by 00 yuan/ton

IV Market dynamics

line "/> the PVC market in North China continues to be flat, the downstream demand is general, and the mainstream price fluctuates little. Linyi will deliver the PVC at about 6500 yuan/ton. Hebei will deliver the PVC at about RMB/ton, and the triple materials will be slightly lower. Tianjin will deliver the PVC at about 6380 yuan/ton, Jinniu and Dagu materials at about 6650 yuan/ton. Qilu Chemical City Qilu s700 will deliver the PVC at 6740 yuan/ton, 1000 at 6830 yuan/ton, qs1050p at 6740 yuan/ton. Xinfa will deliver the PVC at 6450 yuan/ton, and Dongxing materials at 6450 yuan/ton.

domestic mainstream p VC market quotation unit: yuan/ton product model East China rise and fall south China rise and fall North China rise and fall electric stone sg-50 -200 vinyl 1000 00

the PVC market in East China remains stable, the market supply has arrived one after another, and some businesses flexibly adjust with the inventory situation, with little overall change. The mainstream reported RMB/ton, Shanghai Junzheng/Zhongtai 6600 yuan/ton for self delivery, Tianchen Tianneng 5 type goods are few, Tianye 3 type goods 6780 yuan/ton for self delivery, and Tianye 8 type goods 6750 yuan/ton. The Yuhang 5 is 6610 yuan/ton and will be delivered to Shanghai and Hangzhou. Hangzhou Yihua materials are collected at 6580 yuan/ton, and Tianchen and Tianneng 5-type materials are collected at 6670 yuan/ton, including delivery fee. Ethylene material is delivered to East China at Dagu yuan/ton

the PVC market in South China is stable and small, and the subsequent arrival will not be reduced, and the quotation of merchants will be slightly weakened. The mainstream reported RMB/ton for self withdrawal, Inner Mongolia and Qinghai Yihua reported RMB/ton for self withdrawal, Zhongtai reported RMB/ton for self withdrawal, Tianneng and Tianchen reported RMB/ton for self withdrawal, Tianye reported RMB 6880/ton for delivery, Jinniu reported RMB 7000/ton for self withdrawal of ethylene material, and Dagu reported about RMB/ton for self withdrawal of various models. The trading in Xiamen market was stable, and Yihua in Inner Mongolia reported about yuan/ton for self delivery

v. on the market of the exchange,

today, the PVC market of Guangsu calcium carbide method showed a modest rise. As of the closing, the prices of the settlement varieties in each month have increased by to yuan. From today's disk trend, the trend of varieties rose slightly in September, the trading volume remained stable, and the price of varieties was supported near 6600, but the top 10 day and 30 day moving average suppressed the price to a certain extent. From the technical perspective, the CCI trend is repeated, the KDJ third line is narrowed, which may lead to the formation of a golden fork. The brin channel trend is stable, but the price k line encounters resistance near the China rail 6630. It is expected that the PVC market of Guangsu calcium carbide method is mostly in a narrow stalemate

VI. future forecast

the performance of PVC spot market today is flat. Although the overall supply of goods in the market is small, the terminal demand is sluggish. The downstream has strong resistance to the current mainstream price level. Most operations are on the sidelines with money. Therefore, the market transactions are relatively cold, and a few quotations are still lowered in the afternoon. It is expected that the market lacks actual transaction support in the short term, and the price may still fall

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