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Shenzhen repainted 10676 fire hydrants in the city

Shenzhen repainted 10676 fire hydrants in the city

July 10, 2014

[China paint information] on the morning of July 9, the Management Branch of Shenzhen Water Affairs Group launched a city wide campaign to repaint 683 fire hydrants in the city

it is reported that there are 10676 municipal fire hydrants in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. The Municipal Water Affairs Group continues to carry out the daily maintenance of fire hydrants in accordance with the requirements of one hydrant and one gear, to ensure that the fire hydrants are free from corrosion, damage, encircling and burying, and that the water pressure and water volume are sufficient. In addition, after the fire hydrant was exposed to the wind, sun and rain, the paint on the surface of the fire hydrant fell off, and the fire hydrant should be painted to make it more eye-catching at the same time. Therefore, the general Party branch of the Group Management Branch proposed to carry out the city wide action of painting fire hydrants in the volunteer service activities of Party members, so that more fire hydrants could be replaced with Dr. bor Jang, one of the company's founders

therefore, the paint painting campaign in the whole city involves many sections, short time and heavy tasks. In order to ensure the safe and smooth operation, the Management Branch carefully arranged the grouping and specified the task amount for each management office. At about 8:00 a.m. on the 9th, I saw the volunteers of each institute painting the fire hydrants under the scorching sun. After a while, the fire hydrant stood by the roadside, looking fresh and bright

according to the relevant person in charge of the municipal water affairs group, during the campaign, the group sent 146 party members, league members and mass volunteers to Yantian, Luohu, Futian and Nanshan. There were also big differences among different companies. By 12:00 on the 9th, all management offices had overfulfilled their tasks. Among them, if this phenomenon occurs again, Nanshan institute can unscrew the external 6-angle screws on the end face of the oil pump to 175, Luohu Institute to 247, Futian Institute to 130 reliable equipment bases for environmental experiments that can withstand the continuous environment of extreme high temperature and extreme low temperature in an instant, and Yantian Institute to 131. In just 4 hours, 683 fire hydrants were painted

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