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Shangchai ushered in a good start to the 12th Five Year Plan, with a year-on-year increase of 42%

the situation in the first year of the 12th Five year plan was gratifying. With the hard work of all employees, Shangchai ushered in a good start in the first quarter, producing and selling 32279 engines, with a year-on-year increase of 42%

in the first quarter of this year, Shangchai company continued the good momentum of booming production and marketing. Facing the heavy pressure brought by the short-term shortage of production capacity, all employees of the second manufacturing branch started a new round of struggle and challenge. During the Spring Festival, the front-line cadres and workers gave up the opportunity to reunite with their families, stuck to their posts and worked hard to ensure market supply. Machining has always been the bottleneck in the production of the second branch. In the first quarter, the machining workshop took "every minute counts" as the staff creed and went all out to climb the production capacity, so that the daily machining output increased from 250 to 300, and kept approaching the assembly production pace. In late February, the assembly workshop took the initiative to change the production mode, adopted line balance measurement and other methods, made full use of the limited human resources, and released the production capacity by opening two shifts, which promoted the daily output to rise from 305 before the shift to 330, laying a good foundation for achieving the annual production capacity target of challenging 100000 engines. The finished product workshop also fully exploits its own potential and adopts a flexible operation allocation method to ensure that the production pace is synchronized with the assembly workshop. While striving for high production, the second manufacturing branch continued to take the zero kilometer morning meeting as the main starting point to carry out the traceability and improvement of quality problems, and cultivated a good quality culture by carrying out the "100 day quality competition" and selecting the "quality stars" of the Department. In addition, 101, 912 and other new product projects are also being vigorously promoted. All lines have given a green light to the construction of "special production zones", and fully support the progressive progress of each project as planned

the engineering application center accelerated the development and commercialization of 112 new product platform, organized some technical personnel to visit the main engine plant for many times, and discussed with Hongyan, Futian and other heavy-duty automobile plants the supporting dump trucks and tractors for sc10e and sc12e new diesel engines. In order to better adapt to the layout of the user's whole vehicle, they communicated with the technical personnel of the whole vehicle plant during the day about the structure and size, discussed the details, and modified the three-dimensional model at night, For the reasonable direction of a pipeline, for the reasonable position of a support, for the reasonable installation of a certain part, and for the purpose of improving the supporting preliminary work, technicians often work late into the night after repeated deliberation, sometimes to find the best balance between the company and users. At present, the engineering application center has completed the sample vehicle and winter calibration of Hongyan, and completed the three-dimensional and two-dimensional design and development agreement of Futian dump and traction, which has laid a good foundation for next year's national four emission upgrading and the market layout of high-power diesel engines

in the first quarter, the ship power development department focused on improving the process capability of product quality while making every effort to meet the market demand, held several product quality conferences, analyzed and sorted out the quality process capability and the "common and frequently occurring diseases" fed back by market users, and implemented the objectives of 14 key quality improvement projects, relevant project personnel and improvement measures in 2011; At the same time, the "two pronged approach" is to implement the quality, focusing on the "three inspections" of the first inspection, the final inspection and the main bearing of the self-test force meter, which is not allowed to be refueled, to strengthen the internal inspection and assessment, to standardize and implement the process discipline and operation instructions, and to comprehensively improve the quality process capability in terms of hardware in combination with the technical transformation project of assembly and test. In order to achieve the quality goal of reducing the repair rate of users and the quality odds ratio of the whole machine by 50% in 2011, a good step has been taken and a good start has been made

the procurement department fully cooperates with the 101 project, and all employees work together. On the premise of ensuring the completion of daily procurement tasks, based on the overall strategic layout of the company and the overall height of project development, the procurement department makes overall planning and coordination, and cooperates with each other to achieve the predetermined goals in terms of parts procurement, equipment procurement, infrastructure construction and other lines

since this year, in order to create favorable conditions for the promotion of the 112 project, the employees of the third branch have overcome various difficulties and successfully completed the relocation of the machining production line. They carefully planned and formulated the emergency plan, adopted the method of production while moving and carefully operated, so that the production of the whole relocation process could be carried out in an orderly manner, and the minimum WIP Reserve could meet the production of the assembly line, ensuring the market demand of the whole machine

zhure branch works with one heart and one mind, actively responds to the challenge, and fully carries forward the fighting spirit of zhure people, that is, "taking the overall situation into account, being especially able to bear hardships, and being especially negative". The majority of employees focus on the overall situation, give up rest and family reunion time, and actively engage in busy production. Under the limited production capacity, they reasonably organize production, and the backbone of Party members take the lead in setting an example and working overtime. In the first quarter, the starting time of the casting line was 710 hours, and the average daily production time was more than 10 hours. A total of 42700 boxes of castings were produced, an increase of 32.5% year-on-year, and good results were achieved

on the eve of the Spring Festival, the transmission gear of the imported cross wedge rolling mill in the forging workshop of the parts branch was broken. In the face of the unexpected situation, the branch organized carefully and cooperated with multiple lines to prepare for the workshop. Ni Longmei's team took the initiative to ask for war and undertook gear mapping, machining and other work. Under the leadership of model worker chenzuquan and team leader renjianxin, the team staff worked hard for 5 days to complete the machining of the large module gear; Fatigue tests are widely used in heat treatment workshops in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, metallurgy, construction and other industries. The furnace is opened for high-frequency quenching of gears, and the gears are completed on the evening of the Lunar New Year's Eve, with an annual income of 50billion yuan; The forging workshop immediately organized the mechanical maintenance personnel to replace the gears of the cross wedge rolling equipment, and maintained the equipment on the second day of the year to ensure the normal forging production of the connecting rod blank of the 4000t shift on the third day of the year; In order to complete the last leg of the relay race, the forging workshop opened two shifts during the Spring Festival to produce connecting rod blanks, which recovered the output loss caused by equipment failure years ago

the production support center provides all-weather equipment support and maintenance services to ensure the full load operation of the company's key equipment. The equipment maintenance and technical personnel are on call 24 hours a day, so that the fault alarm can be sent to the site within 3 minutes, and the equipment fault can be eliminated at the first time. In order to break through the bottleneck of equipment and rapidly improve the production capacity of 114 diesel engines, the Guarantee Center, through internal potential tapping, comprehensively improves its technical transformation ability, which is characterized by easy control of equipment upgrading. Equipment overhaul and technicians have successively completed the overhaul and transformation projects of Cincinnati 800H and 2 German Hannover CNC machining centers through system upgrading and precision repair relying on the "five small" technological innovation platform, Effectively improved the production capacity of the company's key CNC equipment

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