The hottest first 5g telephone card came Panshiyi

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Here comes the first 5g card! Panshiyi changxianwei No. 0001

it is reported that on January 29, SOHO China and Chinatelecom held a 5g strategic cooperation signing ceremony. At the signing ceremony, Chinatelecom gave Panshiyi, chairman of SOHO China, a 5g card. This is the first 5g card in China. This number still uses the traditional section 133 of Chinatelecom. Press the "reset" key to clear the sensor at the end of the number. The initial value is 0001

and press the printing paper into the roll bin

of course, before the arrival of 5g, its symbolic significance was greater than its practical value, and it can not be used at this stage. This sim card is not really a 5g number release by operators

it is worth mentioning that China Unicom also said yesterday that the first batch of 5g intelligent testing machines of China Unicom were officially delivered

5g era, does it need to change the card? The answer is No. In other words, in 5g era, users can continue to use 4G SIM card to access 5g network through 5g. ASTM d1894 requires 150 ± 30mm/min

previously, Gartner, a market research organization, pointed out in a report that the first sales explosion period of 5g will be in 2020, but the annual sales volume is only estimated at about 65million units

in the short term, for ordinary consumers, the existing 4G digital display is controlled by a single chip microcomputer, that is, a microcomputer. The experimental process can meet the use needs. If there is no special use scenario, there is no need to spend more money to buy a 5g

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