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Firm high standards and realize the "three special dreams"

-- Interview with Jinan experimental machine factory of Liaoning Sante Petrochemical Co., Ltd. for the production of pressure testing machines and spring testing machines. Friends in need call for details! From October 27 to 29, the 2017 national auto parts fair and the National Auto Parts Purchase Fair were grandly held in Hangzhou International Expo Center. As a traditional event of China's auto parts industry, the Hangzhou Auto Parts Fair attracted a large number of customers from the engine, chassis and body, electrical appliances, materials and general parts, automotive products (beauty care, cushion, automotive electronics, automotive products) More than 2000 enterprises including oil products (oil products, grease, additives), automobile maintenance equipment and tools participated in the exhibition, with a display area of 65000 m2

China Lubricant information () as the official cooperative media of the exhibition, a special professional editing team was stationed on the scene to talk with the industry masters and interpret the latest industry information from all aspects. During the exhibition, we interviewed Mr. wanghaixiang, chairman of Liaoning Sante Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and listened to the "Sante dream" of Sante lubricants

Mr. wanghaixiang, chairman of Liaoning Sante Petrochemical Co., Ltd.

energy conservation and environmental protection help heavy trucks change oil for 100000 kilometers

with the development of green logistics, the trend of high-end internal combustion engines is obvious. Products with a traditional oil change cycle of only 10000 to 20000 kilometers are far from meeting the high-end demand of the heavy truck market. In this regard, President Wang said, "our wish is very simple. It is to focus on the National Development Center of energy conservation and emission reduction, green environmental protection and effective utilization of resources, and do our homework in the automotive aftermarket to ensure that the automobile has a longer life cycle in its operation." The "long-life" engine oil has greatly improved the vehicle transportation efficiency, which is also a new trend in the global lubricant industry. The exhibition of Sante company has brought a long service life of 100000 km, and has basically completed the preliminary product layout of all synthetic lubricants

open up a differentiated route with unique vision

at present, China's methanol vehicles have made great progress since the pilot work in 2012. The pilot work has been carried out in 5 provinces and 10 cities. After several years of steady progress, the key work has been basically completed and remarkable results have been achieved. Up to now, the Ministry of industry and information technology has released 8 methanol automobile manufacturers and 23 methanol automobile product announcements in 13 batches. The products have basically formed a series of models for different purposes, such as cars, heavy commercial vehicles, mini cars, city buses, etc

in order to seize the market opportunity, Sante proposed for the first time this year to specially develop and produce lubricating oil for methanol vehicles. President Wang believes that with the active promotion of relevant national departments and the inherent advantages of using methanol vehicles, methanol vehicles will have the advantages and disadvantages of widely using Vickers hardness tester experiments in the future: broad development space and market. "No matter in terms of policy, technology, environmental protection or use cost, methanol vehicles have an inestimable development future, which not only conforms to China's national conditions, but also plays a role in the effective utilization of resources and the optimization of the national energy structure. The early layout of the post market oil for methanol vehicles is also one of the manifestations of our differentiated route." In this exhibition, Sante company introduced methanol automobile special oil

no fear of challenge and benchmarking with international high-end products

in order to strengthen the pursuit and direction of "awesome high-end oil and challenge foreign brands", Sante has formulated clear development goals and plans - insisting on producing high-quality products and benchmarking with international high-end products

it is understood that in hundreds of sampling inspections conducted by national quality supervision departments at all levels, three special products have always been tested with excellent quality. Under the large quality system, Sante lubricant extends from product quality to service quality, and establishes the whole process and all-round quality control mode of "product raw material procurement, production coordination, canning processing, logistics distribution and service support", breaking through the standard requirements and meeting the expectations of users

"at present, Sante has established offices in 23 provinces and cities across the country, and its sales channels have basically covered all domestic markets." While making full use of the domestic market, the future three special industries will also take advantage of the "the Belt and Road" to establish connectivity with countries along the route and further expand overseas space. President Wang revealed that he would also make field visits to Kazakhstan and other overseas markets in the near future. With the export of China's complete vehicle equipment, automotive lubricants will gradually be introduced to more countries

as president Wang said, "the country has a 'Chinese dream', and we have a 'three special dreams'." With firm goals and continuous breakthroughs, we believe that Sante will eventually achieve "creating a century old enterprise, building a century old brand and achieving a century old classic" in the future

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