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under the condition of the same load, the import and export are more standardized than the finished product quality system. Compared with the bus duct, the material cost of branch cable should be greatly saved. Especially for bus duct of 630A and below, if branch cables with the same current are selected, the material cost (including accessories) will be reduced more obviously. In addition, the installation is convenient, which saves the on-site elastic coefficient, namely the elastic Young's modulus construction labor, and greatly reduces the total construction cost. Of course, at present, the branch cable can only reach 1000mm cross-sectional area, and the rated current is about 1600A, while the bus duct can reach 5000A. Moreover, branch cables with current of 800A and above will not have price advantages. Therefore, the application of branch cables has its limitations for large capacity distribution trunk lines. The comparison and analysis of the two schemes of branch cable and bus duct used in the project of professional cable tray; The "15 ~ 24 floors lighting" load of an office building is proposed to adopt trunk distribution, and the wiring from the 15 ~ 24 floors in the electrical pipe shaft is laid by single core branch cable or compact bus duct. The actual wiring conditions are as follows: (1) single core cables with a length of 80m are used from the low-voltage distribution outlet of the substation to the branch cable transfer box (or bus duct inlet box) on the top of the electrical pipe Lane on the 14th floor. (2) The load capacity of the general lighting box (15 ~ 24pm) on each floor is the same, and the power factor is cos ψ= 0.8 (capacitance compensated). Main line load demand coefficient k=0.8. (3) For comparison, it is assumed that the load capacity of each floor is 50, 40, 30, 25, 20 and 16kw respectively. (4) The cable adopts cross-linked polyethylene vinyl chloride sheathed copper core cable, and the bus duct adopts dense type

Shanxi fire-proof cable tray manufacturer

in fact, the bearing capacity of aluminum alloy cable tray is equally important to us, and the production of aluminum alloy cable tray cannot be adopted. On the contrary, the customer uses the cable tray for the purpose of laying the cable well. Bearing is an important part of the cable tray. If the bearing is OK and the cable tray is a product, then there is no problem with anything else. Therefore, the relationship between the bearing capacity and quality of aluminum alloy cable tray is that if the bearing capacity is good, the cable tray quality must be good. If the bearing capacity is poor, the cable tray must not be available. Bridge and column are the two main components of bridge installation. The professional cable bridge manufacturer welds the column during bridge construction. The length, direction and welding position of the column need to be determined. After the column layout is completed, the direction of the whole bridge has taken shape. During the installation of cable bridge, columns can be added according to the connection of the bridge and the construction specifications

Shanxi fireproof cable tray manufacturer

the specifications and pictures of galvanized cable trays given by many manufacturers may look similar, but in fact, their product quality is still very different. Therefore, we must choose to cooperate with regular manufacturers. The other side can provide us with various types of products with guaranteed quality and after-sales service. We can rest assured when cooperating. The above is the introduction to the method of selecting the specifications and pictures of galvanized cable tray. I believe that through the above introduction, we can have a new understanding of galvanized cable tray. The company's products and services have been highly praised by the majority of customers. Here, we solemnly remind the majority of customers who buy cable tray to identify the manufacturer and buy carefully! Aluminum alloy bridge has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, simple structure, unique style, large load capacity and light weight. Ladder cable tray manufacturer wholesale. The products of the company mainly include cable tray, cable tray, hot-dip galvanized cable tray, long-span cable tray, stainless steel cable tray, etc

once a fault occurs, it will inevitably affect the normal production of the process unit, or even stop. Therefore, petrochemical enterprises require high availability of power supply. 1.2 large power load compared with other industrial and mining enterprises, petrochemical enterprises are characterized by large power load. It is also a key area of high-tech competition. Generally speaking, a device with a load capacity of several thousand kilowatts is often encountered. 1.3 the consequences of power supply failure are serious. Many raw materials and products of petrochemical enterprises are mostly flammable, explosive and toxic gases and liquids. Once power supply failure occurs, material leakage, equipment damage and even casualties may occur. 1.4 most of the materials of petrochemical enterprises with high environmental risks are carbon hydrocarbon compounds, which are easy to form explosive mixed gases. Therefore, the power distribution lines in the plant area generally use cables rather than wires. 2 advantages of cable tray laying because petrochemical enterprises have the above-mentioned power supply characteristics, and the power supply line is an important part of the power supply system, which undertakes the transmission of electric energy and has a large number of lines, which determines that the laying method should have the characteristics of large capacity, safe operation and convenient inspection and maintenance Cable tray laying is undoubtedly an ideal way at present Cable tray laying has the following advantages. 2.1 the cable tray can be laid together with the process pipeline, which does not occupy the cable channel separately, saving space, and avoiding the intersection with underground pipelines. 2.2 the cable is laid in the air. The heat dissipation condition is better than that of the cable tunnel. There is no need for ventilation and drainage. The operation cost is low. In case of cable failure, it is also very convenient to handle. 2.3 during the expansion of the device, the new cable can make full use of the standby position of the cable tray, which is very convenient

the fire-proof cable tray sold in the market is of good quality and has good guarantee in terms of reliability. Therefore, how to make a good choice needs to be handled according to the actual situation. The reliability will be good and the quality assurance will be very different; After all, various types of metal bridges have fire resistance, but there are differences in fire resistance, so it is necessary to make a good choice according to the actual situation. However, the quotation of fire-proof cable tray is not high. According to the difference of its model, the damage caused by non-human causes and the different processing technology, there are obvious differences in the price, so it needs to be well selected. Generally speaking, fire-proof cable tray is a good fire-proof metal tray at present, and it is outstanding in corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Therefore, the price is related to the material and process

the tools, equipment and materials used for the bridge shall be placed neatly. It is strictly forbidden to occupy the passage. Corresponding protective measures shall be taken during the construction. After the completion of construction, the site shall be cleaned to ensure "completion of work, use up of materials and site". During welding, the welding rod heads shall not be discarded and recycled. The waste generated during construction shall be recycled and treated at the same site. The construction lighting shall not have the phenomenon of "continuous lighting" to minimize the power consumption. In this way, the safe construction of cable tray and environmental protection measures are achieved. It is strictly prohibited to drill holes in civil structures without authorization. If the construction needs to be carried out, the work must be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the relevant rules. In case of vertical crossing during construction, reliable isolation measures must be taken, otherwise it must be avoided. During the working process of cable tray manufacturer direct selling, it is strictly prohibited to quarrel with each other and throw various objects. In case of any violation or behavior, it shall be pointed out and stopped immediately. With the development of society and the changing demand, the function of fire-proof cable tray is also changing, and the technology is more advanced. 1. Add fire-proof coating on the outer layer, so that the fire-proof cable tray will not burn in case of fire, so as to prevent the spread of fire. It has good fire-proof and fire-retardant effect, and is fire-resistant, oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, non-toxic and pollution-free. The overall installation is convenient, the structure is reasonable, the service life is long, and it is beautiful, The cable is installed in the cable tray, with clean environment and convenient cleaning

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