The hottest succulent plants, the really hard core

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Succulent plants | really hard core sprouting succulent, never rely on fill light, color enhancer

succulent plants | really hard core sprouting succulent, never rely on fill light, color enhancer

for me, who raises plants, fish and animals, the first thing to visit in every strange city is the flower, bird, insect and fish market & vegetable market, and the first thing to eat is hot pot

before going to Seoul, I prepared a bag of Chongqing hot pot seasoning and dipping bag, small electric pot, and prepared a spicy seafood hot pot

ideas are always beautiful, and reality is always too cruel

on the first day, I was warned by the hotel not to use small appliances, and on the second day, I was told that the vegetable market was on holiday

there is no spicy seafood pot, so let's have a long date with plants ~

so today, we need to take the above measures in terms of sealing design. What we are talking about is whether those beautiful plants are really natural beauty or human factors after tomorrow

as soon as you enter Seoul Liangcai flower market, you will see that almost every store will have led plant fill lights fans

ventilation and plumbing systems are well done ~

green plants are growing very well. Those shops selling large green plants are like a small tropical rainforest

(staring, you will be dizzy)

let's first popularize the science of LED plant fill light

LED plant growth light adopts the principle of semiconductor lighting. Generally, indoor plants and flowers will grow worse and worse over time because of lack of light

however, illumination with LED lights suitable for the spectrum required by plants can not only promote their growth, but also prolong the flowering period and improve the quality of flowers

in Seoul's succulent greenhouse, the main fill light lamp is not seen, because the color light in the shed is really good, and the shed is also fully automatic. The mechanical properties at different angles are equally important to users, and the ventilation is invincible

it was previously said that South Korea's meat is well fed, which is mainly enhanced by chemicals

this time I specifically asked the owner of the shed. I have never used any color enhancer. It all depends on light, ventilation and temperature difference

after all, the environment belongs to the open hanging area ~ no longer make excuses for the fact that you can't raise meat well

but in the Liangcai flower market, I saw a shopkeeper holding a special small bottle of paint with a cotton swab dipped in it and smeared it on the stem leaf tiger tail orchid

it should be easy to sell. Almost every family has it. Some are especially green. It is estimated that it is all painted paint

in fact, sometimes don't blame yourself for raising too much meat. As long as you don't die, you are the best! After all, many of us are raised at home, so the environment is not so suitable

in summer, we can't let them blow air conditioners or fans every day. It's not safe when people are not at home. The key is to waste electricity

although it now accounts for more than 15% of the materials used in the whole vehicle, there is no fan in use, but fans can be seen everywhere in the shed ~

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