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The subway repairman turned into a "cable thief"

we can find that there are different structures in the pressure testing machine. At the end of May this year, Nanjing Metro Ningli intercity line was officially put into operation. But it was only a month later, that is, at the end of June and early July, the subway company called the police and said that there were backup cables stolen on this line one after another, with a stolen length of more than one kilometer. The theft occurred in the rail transit areas from airport Xincheng Station to Qunli station and Qunli station to Wolonghu station on Nanjing Li line of Nanjing Metro. The stations were relatively remote, and the time of the crime was after the subway was shut down at night. During the on-site inspection, the police found the white gloves left by the suspect and a toll ticket

fanjiajie, deputy chief of the criminal Department of the subway branch of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, who participated in the detection operation, said: through the payment document, it was found that the owner was Jurong Li. After many days of tracking and sorting, it was found that Li used his vehicle during the day to engage in turf transportation business, while at night, he usually rented the vehicle to others. After several days of squatting, it was found that the rental object of the car was the theft suspect of this case

monitoring showed that three men came down from the suspected vehicle during the two incidents, and the owner Li was not among them. After investigation, the police targeted Zhu, a former criminal suspect, and fan, who had been in frequent contact recently. According to the police investigation, on July 23, the theft gang planned to commit another crime. After more than a dozen hours of squatting because if the change-over switch was turned on, the police arrested the theft gang together with the dirty suspect when the theft gang dragged the cable to be stolen to a waste recycling station in Jiangning for sale

the police found that Zhu, fan and fan, the core members of the gang, are all from Jianyang, Sichuan. Zhu, 33, is the oldest and has a criminal record of drug abuse. The compulsory detoxification was ended in 2017. Previously, all three of them participated in the subway construction in Chongqing, knowing that some cables in the station are used for maintenance and construction rather than daily operation, and are not electrified, which is easy to start

after the suspect succeeded in stealing, he lied that he was a subway worker and sold the cable to Xu. Xu knew that the cable came from a wrong way, but let us know that he expected to charge more copper and sell more money for marketsandmarkets, a global market research and consulting company, and he accepted all the orders. These cables contain about 3 kilograms of pure copper per meter, and the suspect made an illegal profit of more than 48000 yuan, but caused economic losses of more than 400000 yuan to Nanjing subway. At present, Zhu and other three people are suspected of theft, and Xu is suspected of covering up and concealing the crime, and they have been criminally detained

(source: Jiangsu Radio and television financial media center/Yang Qin/Zhao Enjie)

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