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Sugar prices fell paper industry into sugar company lifesaver

at present, the domestic sugar price has reached a low level of 3200 yuan/ton, basically falling below the material research and development, strengthening the competitiveness of HP plastic industry, and increasing the production cost prices of most sugar enterprises. On the morning of the 4th, Weng Zhuo, vice president of the Guangdong Sugar Industry Association, told this newspaper that the domestic sugar cane production increased significantly. This pressing season, the national sugar production reached 14.8 million tons. It is expected that the excess supply will reach all industries and will also maintain a stable growth of 1.3 million tons and 1.8 million tons

in more than two years, China's sugar price has fallen from the highest price of 5400 yuan/ton to the current price of 3200 yuan/ton, with a decrease of 40%, which has directly affected the performance of listed companies dominated by the sugar industry

on the basis of year-on-year growth in operating revenue, the operating profits of both companies decreased year-on-year. The main reason for the loss was that the market price of white granulated sugar continued to fall and the purchase price of sugarcane was on the high side

relative to the losses of the sugar industry, the two companies have a rapid growth in paper business: Nanning Sugar Industry is 8.67%, Guangdong Ganhua is 0.56%. With the continuous decline of sugar prices, can the paper business become a magic weapon for listed companies in the sugar industry to turn losses

paper business emergency

in the decline of sugar prices, most small and medium-sized sugar mills have faced losses

at present, the top management of the company has made an assessment of the impact of the decline in sugar price on this year's performance, but it is not convenient to make a specific prediction before the semi annual report is released. Gongjianpeng, a securities representative of Guangdong Ganhua, told this newspaper on the afternoon of the 4th

although Guangdong Ganhua achieved a profit of 1.745 million yuan in the first quarter due to the rise in sugar prices in the first quarter, it still fell by 34.15% year-on-year

the downturn in sugar prices has affected the company's performance growth, said the staff of Guitang securities. She said that at present, the company's sugar industry accounts for only 30% of the company's sales, and the company's main business is papermaking. This makes the company less affected by the decline in sugar prices

large sugar enterprises can use bagasse to make paper and dilute the cost of sugar production. Weng Zhuo said that the paper business has become an important growth engine for sugar enterprises, which can stabilize the losses caused by the decline in sugar prices

in recent years, when sugar prices fluctuated greatly with the market, the proportion of papermaking in some listed companies in the sugar industry continued to increase

it is understood that in 2007, the sales revenue of Nanning Sugar paper business reached 980 million yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the total sales revenue; The sales volume of Guangdong Ganhua papermaking business was 260million yuan, exceeding that of the sugar industry; Guitang has produced and sold more than 1400 sets of energy-saving intelligent injection machines, and the sales of paper-making business has accounted for more than 60% of its total sales revenue

the sales volume of cultural paper and the selling price of paper increased rapidly year-on-year, which became the main driving force of the company's performance growth, said the staff of Guitang securities department

it is difficult to predict in the future.

the attitude of the industry is different whether the papermaking business can become a lifesaver for listed sugar companies

although the profits of papermaking business can stabilize some losses of Nanning Sugar Industry and Guangdong Ganhua, the proportion of sugar industry in the two companies is still quite high. The performance of these two listed companies this year is still worrying. An unnamed analyst told. He believes that the trend of sugar price still plays a decisive role in the micro injection processing of new biomedical polymer matrix nanocomposites for listed sugar companies

however, it is difficult for sugar prices to reverse the decline in the short term. On June 18, the spot price in Nanning, Guangxi was 3250 yuan/ton, and the price on June 30 has fallen to 3200 yuan/ton

although the current international sugar price market shows signs of rising recently, the price of about $400/ton is still lower than the domestic level. However, after adding tariffs and freight, the sales price has been higher than the domestic sugar price. Weng Zhuo said that international factors have had little impact on domestic sugar, and now we need to face the situation of excess supply of domestic sugar

with the continuous decline of sugar prices, the central and Guangxi provincial governments and the planned 600000 ton purchase and storage plan have stabilized sugar prices

even if there are 600000 tons of storage, it is difficult to solve the basic situation of oversupply. There is still about 1million tons of sugar surplus in China. The analyst said

Weng Zhuo believes that as far as the current situation is concerned, unless there is relatively bad weather this winter, it will cause a large reduction in sugar production in Guangxi. Otherwise, the situation of low sugar prices in 2009 will not be fundamentally improved

as for the continuous downturn in sugar prices, the relevant person in charge of Nanning Sugar Industry said that at present, the company's semi annual report is being drafted, and it is not convenient to answer any questions about performance. However, the above analysts believe that the fundamentals of the decline in sugar business profits of several listed companies and the rise in paper industry profits will not change

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