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Successful case | puqiang intelligent voice return visit helps standardize the service of Huafu securities

- case analysis -

on March 29, puqiang company realized intelligent voice return visit for the one-way video account opening service of Huafu securities, and began to be officially launched and applied to real scenes to help customers improve the standardization and intelligence of services, further demonstrating the company's confidence and determination to actively respond to the digital and intelligent wave

first, why should we make a return visit to one-way video account opening

on February 9, 2021, CSDCC revised and issued the implementation rules for off-site account opening of securities accounts (hereinafter referred to as the implementation rules), allowing account opening agencies to independently choose the off-site account opening method of single and two-way video witness. Article 7 of the chapter on extending the pilot of electrical and electronic products producers mentioned that the account opening agency should pay a return visit to the investors who open securities accounts off-site and keep the return visit records. This rule clearly requires that securities companies need to make a return visit by inputting different speeds to automatically calculate the experimental results according to the specifications

second, how is the return visit of One-Way Video account opening carried out

different from the traditional video account opening form, the one-way video account opening does not require the video verification of both the account holder and the agent. The account holder directly records the video and uploads it for review. After the review, the staff needs to pay a return visit to the customer. When the conditions meet the requirements, the account opening operation can be completed

however, in the follow-up link, the workload is greater than expected, and the account can be opened successfully only after the customer service staff completes the call to each customer and confirms that the information is correct

securities companies are generally troubled by manual return visits, but puqiang company can effectively solve these problems by using intelligent voice return visits. Huafu securities adheres to the customer-centric service concept, focuses on continuously optimizing the customer experience, and is determined to promote the intelligent return visit function of One-Way Video account opening

after the Spring Festival in 2021, puqiang began to deploy the intelligent return visit function of One-Way Video account opening of Huafu securities. Based on the advantages of puqiang's intelligent voice products, a return visit process for One-Way Video account opening is designed through on-site demand sorting with customers and multiple on-site application surveys:

when the customer generates the account opening demand sheet in one direction, the return visit task instructions are generated synchronously. The return visit system automatically dials according to the customer's reserved information, and feeds back to the bank's detection background after obtaining the customer's confirmation of the key information, The staff finally completed the account opening action. The intelligent follow-up system has been tested and successfully launched, which has helped Huafu securities greatly reduce the human investment and time of account opening follow-up, while reducing the risk of dissatisfaction caused by human operation errors or uneven service levels, and improving the overall outbound call efficiency of the customer service department by 60% to 70%

third, of course, puqiang outbound call robot is not only useful for this

core advantages of puqiang intelligent voice robot

puqiang outbound robot is committed to accurately understanding the intentions of customers. In the scenarios of pre-sales consultation, complaint consultation, after-sales Q & A, member return visit and care, it analyzes according to a large number of data collection resources, so as to judge the classification of customers' labels, realize the screening of high-quality customers, effectively improve the service quality and efficiency of customer service centers, and help the construction and upgrading of customer service centers

puqiang outbound robot products have been used in many industries since their development in 2016, creating value for different fields. In the banking sector, we provide customers' intention screening and repayment reminder services for their credit card business; In the field of general health, we provide customers with regular drug taking notices, wake-up marketing, and incoming call advisory services; In the education industry, he acts as a small assistant in class management, regularly visiting parents, reminding classes, unified notification, homework submission and other services

puqiang information is committed to the construction of the ecological cycle of the whole product of the call center, and has accumulated a lot of experience in the application of the whole scene. The successful launch of Huafu securities this time marks that puqiang outbound call robot has contributed to the standardized development of One-Way Video account opening in the financial industry, promoted the construction of customers' digital intelligence core competitiveness, promoted the improvement of the efficiency of brokerages to obtain customers, and will have a far-reaching impact on the transformation and upgrading of intelligent operations and business development of the securities industry

about puqiang

as a voice driven AI big data solution provider, puqiang focuses on channel voice interaction technology (voice recognition, voice synthesis, semantic understanding, voice wake-up, etc.) and voice big data analysis solutions in the financial field. Create a mode of technology + products + services, and launch a full set of intelligent voice solutions based on the financial industry, directly hit the pain of the industry, new materials to change the point of life, which can effectively help the financial industry reduce costs and increase efficiency, and improve enterprise operation efficiency

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