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Subway security system upgrade the new security detector will automatically alarm when encountering contraband

Abstract: "Di Di Di", a burst of rapid alarm sounds, and the original green sign on the screen of the security detector turns red, reminding staff that contraband is found in the inspection bag. This new type of security detector, which can automatically identify flammable and explosive liquids and explosives, has been quietly piloted in Xujiahui Station of Shanghai rail transit

"Di Di Di", a rapid alarm sounded, and the original green sign on the screen of the security detector turned red, reminding the staff that contraband was found in the bag after inspection. This new type of security detector, which can automatically identify flammable and explosive liquids and explosives, has been quietly piloted in Xujiahui Station of Shanghai rail transit

according to the Shanghai rail transit police, the security system of Shanghai Metro is gradually upgrading. Next month, a new type of security gate will be introduced. As long as you pass through the security gate with your ID card, the system can automatically read your identity information, and you can find fugitives and other suspicious people in time. It is planned to pilot it in Shanghai South Railway Station

the recognition accuracy can exceed 85%

on June 14, this new security detector was seen at entrance 9 of Xujiahui Station of Shanghai Rail Transit Line 1. In terms of appearance, it is no different from ordinary security detectors, only with a small display screen

according to sun Shengyu, a policeman from the public security detachment of the rail transit corps of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, unlike the currently used security detector, which requires manual visual inspection of images to distinguish suspicious objects, the biggest feature of the new security detector is that it can automatically identify suspicious liquids and explosives, and alert security inspectors through different colors, "The green icon on the display indicates that there is no suspicious object; the orange icon indicates that there are unrecognized objects in the bag, which need to be opened for inspection; the red icon indicates that contraband has been found."

the staff made a demonstration on site: a backpack with a bottle of mineral water successfully passed the security detector, and the main display screen is a green icon; But when there is a bottle of water and a bottle of gasoline in the bag at the same time, the display turns red. At the same time, the small display screen sends an alarm that suspected suspicious substances are detected, and lists which suspicious substances may be

according to the introduction, by inputting the molecular data of liquid in the early stage, this new type of liquid intelligent identification and alarm X-ray security detector can automatically detect the flammable and explosive liquids that users must comply with the corresponding standard requirements when setting up, such as gasoline, alcohol, diesel oil, ethanol, banana water and so on, which are forbidden to be carried into the subway. "The accuracy of machine identification can reach 85% to 90%

not only has high accuracy, but also greatly improves the efficiency of security inspection. Sun Shengyu said that if you rely on manual identification and unpacking inspection, you can check one person in more than 10 seconds if it is slow, while the new safety science survey shows that the time can be shortened to 2 to 3 seconds

the R & D and utilization of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) between rubber and plastic are increasingly electromechanical loading; Metal is divided into two types: click loading and hydraulic cylinder loading. This new type of security detector has been put into trial on April 1 this year. At present, it is still in the testing stage. In addition to Xujiahui Station equipped with four sets, Tiantong Road station and Shanghai Gymnasium station have also installed one set respectively

there are 700 security checkpoints in Shanghai

in addition to the new security check instrument, the rail transit police also plans to pilot a new security check door that can automatically collect identity card information in early July to strengthen the identification and investigation of suspicious people. Different from the previous verification of identity documents through PDA (handheld computer), when passengers pass through this security gate with their identity cards, the security gate can automatically collect identity information. Once they find people chasing fugitives, drug addicts and other people, they will automatically alert for further disposal by the police

as an important part of Shanghai rail transit security system, subway security inspection has been attached great importance. At present, Shanghai rail transit has set up a total of 700 security checkpoints, equipped with more than 6000 security guards, X-ray security detectors and other equipment, and carried out full coverage security inspection in strict accordance with the principles of "large bags must be checked, small bags must be checked, every doubt must be checked" and "large luggage must be checked, large volume liquid must be checked, all kinds of woven bags must be checked, and suspicious people must be checked"

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