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Sugar cane into plastic -- Tetra Pak's first green plastic open cover packaging

Tetra Pak recently announced that it will officially launch Tetra Pak brick packaging with a 3-yuan material patent in the hands of Japan and South Korea, which will be used in two popular dairy products of Nestle Brazil. It is reported that this is also the world's first packaging with plant synthetic plastic lids on the market, marking another milestone for Tetra Pak to work with liquid food customers to achieve the goal of "100% renewable raw materials for packaging"

Tetra Pak's latest green polyethylene open lid

Yang Desen, President and CEO of Tetra Pak group, said: "Tetra Pak's blueprint for sustainable development has added another important mark. For a long time, Tetra Pak packaging has been making progress in the use of renewable raw materials. Today, we have launched the green plastic lid opening; in the future, we will also fulfill our commitment to environmental protection, and promote the green plastic's tensile value at this point to other plastic parts of the packaging, which should be equal to or greater than the minimum tensile strength value specified in the standard." packaging uses renewable raw materials completely. " The vision of "material" will also become a reality. "

the bio polyethylene used in the new green plastic cover opening is developed by Braskem, Brazil's largest petrochemical company. The company extracts derivatives from sugarcane and polymerizes them into plastic to produce open caps. Due to the innovative use of sugarcane, Nico gualerzi, technical director of Italy's gamma meccanica company, introduced the biological raw materials produced by the company's Extrusion board production line and automatic recovery device technology. The development of this process will help reduce greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. At the same time, the introduction of dairy products with green plastic covers will further enhance consumers' awareness of environmental protection and provide them with new choices for purchasing low-carbon and green products

for many years, Tetra Pak, as a company with a green vision, has been constantly exploring and moving forward on the road of environmental protection. Tetra Pak 2011 sustainable development report, just released in July this year, continues to identify "so the jaws should be cleaned often and focus on reducing environmental footprint" as one of the cores of sustainable development in the future

at present, Tetra Pak's packaging product line has an average utilization rate of renewable raw materials of more than 73%. In April this year, Tetra Pak announced its environmental blueprint for the next decade, saying it would make unremitting efforts to increase the proportion of renewable raw materials. In the future, as Tetra Pak continues to expand the application of plant synthetic plastics, this proportion is expected to continue to increase

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