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Sudden! Chemical giant LG has a fire! Bisphenol a sealing plate! The price of epoxy resin has to rise again

sudden! Chemical giant LG has a fire! Bisphenol a sealing plate! The price of epoxy resin has to rise again

November 6, 2020

yesterday (November 5) it was reported that 3. The correct operation procedure of the fatigue testing machine said that a fire broke out in the cracking device of LG Chemical Lishui plant in South Korea, resulting in the downstream ethylene and propylene unable to be produced, and affecting the latter phenol acetone device, involving bisphenol A and its downstream PC devices in addition to the quality of spare parts

it is reported that the fire occurred in the main control room, which is the heart of the device. Once it goes too far, all operations will be stopped, and the repair is more cumbersome. Market participants predict that the shutdown will last for two to three weeks, and some people think that it will take three to four weeks to restore the paint

affected by this news, the domestic bisphenol a market was closed. Waiting for the follow-up news, the relevant factories had been raised to 14000 yuan/ton before the closing. It is reported that the bisphenol a market in North China and Shandong has continued to rise, with reference yuan/ton on the 3rd

previously, two people were injured in an explosion accident at Guodu chemical resin plant, a leading epoxy resin enterprise, which has had a great impact on domestic epoxy resin enterprises. On November 2, the price of epoxy resin soared, breaking through 25000 yuan/ton at one stroke, and soared by 4000 yuan/ton daily, making it the top topic in the chemical market at one stroke. On the 3rd, the price exceeded 26500 yuan/ton. Within two days, the price of epoxy resin increased by 5250 yuan/ton! Due to the tight market supply, most of the manufacturers are currently closed and wait-and-see. Major resin manufacturers such as Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Hengye, Shandong Jinan Tianmao, Baling Petrochemical, Shanghai Yuanbang, Jiangsu Yangnong, E-51 will not offer for the time being

lg chemical fire accident will easily increase the impact on the bpa/pc market, and the self gravity is large. It will also add fuel to the fire for the epoxy resin that has continued to rise recently, and the price will continue to rise

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