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Successful cases of Chengdu Urban brilliance project

1. Project background

Sichuan electromechanical integration Corporation is a joint-stock enterprise jointly invested by legal and natural persons such as Chengdu aircraft industry company, the tenth Institute of electronics of the Ministry of information industry, the Institute of optoelectronic technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the sixth Institute of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Physics, Sichuan Machinery Research and Design Institute, Chengdu automobile factory, etc

the main projects of Sichuan electromechanical integration Corporation: the design and production of laser music fountain, municipal engineering, urban lighting and brilliance engineering. In the wave of large-scale development, urban lighting and brilliance engineering will frequently face major political and economic activities, and regularly display the modern and prosperous scene of the city. Street lamp lighting system is an essential public facility of a city, a major symbol of a modern city, and also an image project of a city

the computer automatic measurement and control system of street lighting is a reliable guarantee for the safe, stable and intelligent operation of urban lighting system. Sichuan opportunity integration corporation adopts our company's control board (bl2030 Series), and the system is completely in accordance with the embedded system design scheme. Each sub station can work independently, and can also be controlled by the master station to execute the control commands issued by the master station. Adopting advanced digital remote control, telemetry and shake signal technology to realize multi-mode control and comprehensive monitoring, it can give full play to the efficiency of guangguangzhao electromagnetic directional valve 1 in the energized state to the greatest extent, with accurate measurement and control, complete functions, simple structure, convenient and intuitive operation, and is in a leading position in China

II. Solution analysis

the system can transmit the working parameters of each section of the site (including voltage, current, active power, power factor, power consumption, lighting rate, frequency, etc.) back to the computer in the central control room. When the section breaks down (including tripping, low voltage limit, high voltage limit, low current limit, high current limit, daytime lighting, low lighting rate limit), it will give a back dial alarm in time, especially the lighting rate of each section During the day, the anti dial alarm with light on and the anti dial alarm with high current limit enable the working condition of the road section to be known in time without sending personnel for patrol, and the manual maintenance to be arranged in time, which not only ensures the light on rate and driving safety, but also improves the management to a higher level

the sub control point adopts our bl2030 board controller to expand the communication of each branch measurement and control module or independent control terminal module. The terminal modules that can be expanded include: electric parameter acquisition terminal module, non electric parameter (temperature, humidity, pressure and other analog quantities) acquisition terminal module, switching value input and output terminal module, frequency measurement and counting terminal module, etc

bl2030 controller has 1 switch input and 10 switch output, which can complete the measurement and control function of all switch state quantities at a sub control point. With 4 analog inputs, it can complete the measurement and control function of all analog quantities at a sub control point. If the sub control point needs to control the important night scene lighting effect lights (such as high pole lights, spotlights, fireworks lights, etc.) to the lights or to the poles, the branch measurement and control module or independent control terminal can be expanded. The communication of the expansion terminal module adopts the field 485 industrial control bus communication mode

III. technical characteristics of the system

● the system is based on GSM, wireless, wired and PSTN to form a monitoring system, which can be compatible with different models of terminals or PLG

● the system operates stably, which fully ensures that the pulse counting does not clear when it is powered off, and the remote control operation does not misoperate

● it is convenient to replace the secondary instrument, and only need to configure the parameters on the upper computer

● distributed network architecture, and the communication protocol supports tcp/ip

● realize the integrated control and wireless transmission of urban street lights and landscape lights, and the coverage is equal to the coverage

● it has flexible modification function and redundant and reliable conventional "time control" and "light control" switch lamp functions

● lighting control for festive activities and holidays with complex modes and intuitive electronic maps

● monitor the operating parameters of street lights and scattered scenic spots in real time, but the manufacturing cost of the alternating experimental box is high. It can quickly provide treatment suggestions for the faults found, and carry out fault probability statistics to provide improvement measures for reliability growth

turn on the loading speed instigation device before operating the oil delivery valve ● realize the collection, storage, statistics and retrieval of data such as light on rate and power consumption, so as to carry out effective management

IV. system evaluation

automatic control system of street lamps is a set of system designed and developed for improving the management level of urban street lamps in modern urban construction. The system can realize the functions of telemetry, remote signaling and remote control, and provide a comprehensive solution for the urban lighting system and the technical support of the introduction of the working principle of the powerful portal Brinell hardness tester. It is a set of high-tech products to improve the modern management level of the city

this system improves the level of municipal hardware, integrates with modern science and technology, enhances the controllability of the reliability of urban lighting, finds out the failure of lighting system in time, reduces the adverse effects caused by the shutdown of lighting system, and creates a new view of the city through intelligent control in combination with the setting of urban night scenery

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