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Sudden! People familiar with the matter said that the newly launched car Hailing brand of didi trip, huaxiaozhu, was recently stopped by the Shenzhen transportation department because of its suspected illegal operation

Hua Xiaozhu carried out car Hailing business without obtaining the Shenzhen car Hailing business license, and the Shenzhen transportation department ordered him to stop the car Hailing business immediately and not to go online before obtaining the license

according to public information, a total of 18 car Hailing platforms in Shenzhen have obtained business licenses, including didi travel, but not huaxiaozhu. Although didi travel announced that huaxiaozhu is an important part of its newly launched advanced high-molecular materials, and its output value is close to one and a half car Hailing brands in the industry, because the registered company of huaxiaozhu is not related to didi travel recently, the car Hailing business license of didi travel is not applicable to huaxiaozhu, and the online operation of huaxiaozhu is still suspected of illegal operation. Since March this year, Hua Xiaozhu has quietly launched trial operations in Linyi, Shandong, Zunyi, Guizhou, Panjin, Liaoning and Fuxin. ◆ at the end of the experiment, the product to be tested automatically returned to normal temperature to avoid frost and dew formation protection mechanism

in mid July, before the first announcement of the national launch of huaxiaozhu, it was interviewed by the transportation departments in Tianjin and Yantai, Shandong Province, to delay its plan to launch nationwide. However, at the end of July, there was no business license, including Beijing and Shenzhen. The author believes that the following adjustments should be made: in certifiable cities, huaxiaozhu continued to choose to go online. Like Tianjin and Yantai, this time Shenzhen made an appointment and stopped Hua Xiaozhu, which determined that Hua Xiaozhu could not share the car Hailing qualification with Didi

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