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In 2014, with the sudden change of machinery industry, Xiamen accelerated the innovation and development of industrial clusters

although statistics show that this part of consumer demand shows rigidity, China's manufacturing industry accounts for 19.8% of the world, ranking first in the world. But on the one hand, almost all visible industries have overcapacity problems; On the other hand, the lack of independent innovation and heavy reliance on Shanzhai are the chronic diseases of China's manufacturing industry, which is still weak in terms of labor productivity and R & D strength. In this regard, in 2014, a breakthrough year in transformation and upgrading, Xiamen Construction machinery industry faced difficulties, accelerated innovation and developed industrial clusters. At the end of the year, people always think about the past, and at the beginning of the new year, they always think about the future. In the new internal and external environment, China's economy is about to face the great test of transformation and upgrading. 2014 is a breakthrough year for transformation and upgrading. How should Xiamen machinery industry meet this test

recently, the Fujian Machinery Industry Federation held a symposium in Xiamen on pursuing progress while maintaining stability and accelerating transformation and upgrading. More than 20 entrepreneurs from the machinery industry in Xiamen made an in-depth discussion on the development situation of the machinery industry in the new year

from quantitative change to qualitative change, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the industry

although statistics show that China's manufacturing industry accounts for 19.8% of the world, fortunately, tragedies such as the glenfelta fire are extremely rare and rank first in the world. But on the one hand, almost all visible industries have overcapacity problems; On the other hand, the lack of independent innovation and heavy reliance on Shanzhai are the chronic diseases of China's manufacturing industry. In terms of labor productivity and R & D strength, Dong Mingzhu explained: because I think the new energy industry is an industry in which China and the world will run on the same starting line in the future, it is still weak

the slogan of saving the country by industry has appeared for many years, and the development of national industry has always been the foundation of economic development. Luo Jiafu, director of Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry, expressed the importance of developing the shipbuilding industry to stimulate the economy by using one industry to lead all industries. He said: it is roughly estimated that one third of the country's shipbuilding enterprises have closed down, one third are still dying, and another one third have sprung up. Most of the Fujian shipbuilding enterprises are emerging, which depends on the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development. Next, director Luo proudly said that last year, Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry Group Co., Ltd. received orders for 8 ro ro ships with 8500 parking spaces. This batch series of ships will be delivered from 2015. It is the largest and most advanced automobile transport ship in the world at present. Xiamen Shipbuilding Heavy Industry has mastered the most difficult technology in this field, and therefore stands on the top of the world

the market shrinks, labor costs rise, raw material prices rise, taxes increase, and credit transaction costs remain high. There are also talent problems, financial problems and overcapacity problems. When these problems are intertwined, they will inevitably force the mechanism. Therefore, China's economy cannot only seek to be large. It must transform and upgrade, from quantitative to qualitative, and become refined and strong. In the future, high-end products will rise. However, at present, enterprises should look for business opportunities in the historical process of transformation and upgrading. To promote economic transformation, we must closely rely on innovation driven

this is a great era of social transformation and a critical period for China to move towards modernization. In the next few years, China's economic development will inevitably focus on transformation and upgrading. All policies will enhance the internal vitality of the economy and adjust the economic structure. The policies in the next few years will be more and more conducive to industrial development. Industries should rely on policies, attach importance to technology docking, strengthen enterprise technology research and development, and realize transformation and upgrading. However, the transformation and upgrading cannot be promoted only by government policies. Zhang Kejun, Secretary General of Xiamen Mold Association, said: relying on the protection of the government, survival under the wings is not the fundamental way out for enterprises. The fundamental way out for enterprises lies in innovation. With new technology, new products, and reduced costs, the benefits will naturally be considerable

innovation driven, talent first

innovation has been proposed for many years, but the innovation ability of China's economy has been criticized

On March 5, the second session of the 12th National People's Congress opened at the Great Hall of the people. Premier Li Keqiang said in his government work report that this year we should support and lead the optimization and upgrading of the economic structure with innovation. We should place innovation at the core of the overall national development situation, promote the close integration of science and technology with economic and social development, promote China's industry to leap to the high-end of the global value chain, implement talent development planning, plan major talent projects, encourage enterprises to establish a mechanism to link the remuneration of R & D personnel with market performance, match the contribution and return of talents, and let all kinds of talents stand out, make the best of their talents, and make the best use of their talents

education is the foundation of a hundred year plan. The participants agreed that the central government placed innovation at the core of the overall national development situation. Wu Xinkai of Xiamen Jinlong United Automobile Company has a deep feeling about the huge gap between supply and demand of skilled workers. He said: regardless of the technical level of employees, it is difficult to recruit workers at present. Young people have strong personalities and great employee mobility, which also makes training and other work particularly difficult. He expressed his expectation for technological transformation, but at the same time stressed that technological transformation is not profitable, and enterprises need to combine external forces, but also need their own efforts

the post-90s young people are unwilling to engage in research and development, want to engage in sales, want to make money, and want to buy a house. Whether it is hardware talents or software talents, without the precipitation of time, they are always uncompetitive. How can enterprises without talents do research and development, and how can they compete with advanced foreign enterprises without advanced technology? The boss of minham Electric said with deep experience that the absolute competitiveness cannot be achieved by competing for GDP and output. He bluntly said that the transformation and upgrading should start with people. To cultivate talents, we should solve the worries of the young generation (housing, children's education, etc.), create an environment for young people to work quietly, and use industry needs to affect government decisions, and then affect education

wanggongyou, chairman of Yinhua machinery, is optimistic about the future of the manufacturing industry. A number of major projects have also been deployed in the national major science and technology projects and the national 973 Plan. He said: in the future, the equipment manufacturing industry can no longer rely on government investment, but there are still opportunities. When it comes to transformation and upgrading, Wang Gongyou emphasized two aspects: quality and talents. He said that dealing with customers made him deeply realize that when price and quality are exchanged, quality is always talked about, and price is rarely talked about. However, the lack of talents made him deeply realize that the country should make a difference in the construction of basic talents. He said that as long as you have contact with foreign enterprises, it is easy to find that the gap between the skills and quality of Chinese employees and those of advanced manufacturing countries such as Japan, South Korea, Germany and the United States is too large to buy with money. Because of different management and systems and mechanisms, the gap between employees is naturally large, and the same machine cannot produce products of the same quality

skilled talents are the most critical and core strength to ensure the normal operation of the production system and product quality of real enterprises. Why do young people not want to learn skills and become technicians in a down-to-earth manner? In my opinion, this lies in the change of young people's ideals. Today, when it comes to ideals, it has become a social pain. In today's society, some temptations and floating noises constantly throw bait at people, so that people can catch and catch up without any reason. In this case, how can we force young people to engage in research and development

economic slowdown is not only conducive to squeezing water, adjusting structure and grasping innovation in the machinery industry, but also a good opportunity for enterprises to implement innovation strategies and grasp the initiative of product innovation, and its premise is to cultivate talents first. At present, the structural gap of our labor force is at both ends, with high-end talents at one end and high skilled talents at the other. Once China is transformed from a large labor force country into a large technician country, China's independent innovation ability will increase day by day

On January 28, 2014, according to the unified deployment of the Fujian provincial Party committee and the Fujian provincial government, focusing on strengthening the leading industry and accelerating the pace of industrial transformation and upgrading, the Fujian Provincial People's government formulated the implementation plan of the provincial industrial transformation and upgrading action plan for 2014-2015. The plan points out that the implementation plan of the industrial leading promotion plan will be seriously implemented. By 2015, the number of leading enterprises with main business income of more than 10 billion yuan will reach 80, and the number of enterprises with main business income of more than 50 billion yuan will reach 10, of which 60 and 6 were respectively in 2014; Strive to reach 15 enterprises in China's top 500, including 10 in 2014

group development has become the consensus in the industry. Zhang Kejun said: enterprises must not do it alone. Large enterprises should play a leading role. Three cobblers are better than one Zhugeliang. Different enterprises should learn to cooperate. Resource sharing can reduce capital investment, and enterprises need to develop and progress together. Wu Xinkai of Xiamen Jinlong United Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. and Yu Ji, deputy general manager of Fanke bearing, also agreed

pay attention to introducing intelligence and technology, encourage leading enterprises to strengthen upstream and downstream cooperation in the industrial chain, jointly build and share a number of R & D centers and engineering centers, and improve collaborative innovation capabilities. Focus on high-end equipment, key materials, basic parts and other core areas, promote the docking between Fujian enterprises and central enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes, and jointly develop key core technologies. Weng Yunlei, chairman of Fujian Machinery Co., Ltd., specially stressed in his speech that it is difficult for the machinery industry to develop in a single way, and it is necessary to form clusters

strengthen financial services to the real economy

prosper the country through industry. Industry is the foundation of economic development and the foundation of a country's economy in an invincible position. However, the current trend is not in the real economy, and China's manufacturing advantage is gradually weakening. After the 4trillion yuan stimulus package, with the contraction of funds, the real economy is depressed, and the loans of real enterprises are becoming more and more difficult, which has become the overall feeling of entrepreneurs. This scenario is not conducive to the development of enterprises, and it is urgent to strengthen financial support for the real economy

in this regard, xuzhenming, chairman of Xiamen Industrial Group, made an analysis from the overall situation: the machinery industry has entered a cold winter in the past two years. At present, social funds are constantly concentrated in high profit industries such as finance and real estate. Such an economic trend is dangerous. When the manufacturing industry declines, we should learn from the United States and pay enough attention to the manufacturing industry, which needs the feedback of finance, real estate and service industry. Now the manufacturing industry in the United States is on the rise, while the cold winter in China is not over yet

after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the signal of market-oriented reform has been sent continuously. Entrepreneurs have great expectations for this, and hope that financial reform can bring good news to industrial development

if only one word is used to summarize the past year of China's economy, the word "stability" should be a must; This year, it should be changed. However, participants believed that change should not be rushed. In 2014, Xiamen Machinery Industry should be the leader of Haixi machinery industry, seize the historical opportunity, and realize a new leap forward in transformation and upgrading with the help of various forces

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