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Sugar free beverages and snacks are favored. "Zero calorie sugar free" has become a new fashion for consumption upgrading

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sugar free beverages, sugar free moon cakes, and sugar free snacks are selling better and better --

"zero calorie sugar free": a new fashion for consumption upgrading

"how sweet is your milk tea?" This is a sentence often heard in milk tea shops nowadays. Third sweet, no additional sugar, zero calorie sugar substitute has become the choice of most customers. Behind this phenomenon, it is reflected that zero calorie, low sugar and sugar free are gradually popular in the consumption field

"almost all my friends around me prefer sugar free drinks, and I basically choose not to add sugar when ordering milk tea." Beijing girl Xiao Li is an office worker. She spends more than 8 hours in the office every day. "Due to work reasons, I'm afraid of getting fat. I choose sugar free drinks, and the calories will not be very high." Xiao Li said that sugar free or sugar free drinks such as Qilin, zero coke and tea are very popular this summer, which can be said to accurately meet the consumption needs of most young people today

such hot feedback aims at this entrepreneurial difficulty in the financial data of some sugar free beverage products. In the first half of this year, the revenue of gas forest exceeded 800million, close to the level of last year, and surpassed Coca Cola in tmall 618 to become the first place in the list of water drinks. Driven by sugar free new products such as sugar free black coffee, low sugar milk coffee and low sugar Coconut Coffee, the first semi annual report released recently after the listing of Nongfu Shanquan showed that the revenue growth of Nongfu Shanquan's new products increased by 210.3% year-on-year

according to Zhiyan consulting '2020-2024 China sugar free beverage industry market supply and demand status and development trend forecast report', with the continuous improvement of sugar free beverage market penetration, its growth rate has been much higher than the overall growth rate of beverages. According to the data, on an e-commerce platform, the sales of sugar free drinks reached 59million in May 2020, with a year-on-year increase of 210%

Under the catalysis of new demand, a large number of manufacturers have rushed to the beach. Since February, Yili has listed Yiran milk mine bubble water; Uniformly launch new products of "Chaba" tea drinks; Nestle's subsidiary brand "Youhuo" launched new bubble water products; Wahaha's beverage brand kellyone also launched a soda bubble water called "angry Bobo". In addition, Yinlu, Master Kang, Nongfu mountain spring and other beverage enterprises have launched sugar free new products one after another. The follow-up of brands has led to the prosperity of sugar free beverage market

the popularity of sugar free beverages reflects the consumption concept that most young people pay more attention to health. Under the guidance of this concept, low calorie meals, substitute meals, light fasting and other eating methods continue to emerge, reflecting the new trend of consumption upgrading. According to the recently released "Alibaba 2020" National Day holiday consumption travel trend report ", this year's" National Day "coincides with the Mid Autumn Festival, and the sales of moon cakes have soared. Sugar free and low calorie moon cakes have satisfied consumers who want to taste delicious and have a good figure. The sugar free moon cake search in September has increased by nearly 50% year-on-year

what is the underlying logic of the popularity of sugar free low calorie diet

from the external environment, the "healthy China action (year)" released by the National Health Commission previously advocated that the per capita daily intake of added sugar should not be higher than 25 grams by 2030. Under the guidance of relevant initiatives, the sales of sugar free beverages in 2019 increased by more than 10% year-on-year, much higher than the overall growth rate of beverages. From the perspective of internal needs, today's "post-90s" and "post-00s" pay more attention to health preservation, driving the trend of healthy diet

insiders pointed out that previously, some artificial sugar substitutes used in sugar free beverages were passed down to be harmful to human body, while a number of natural sugar substitutes appeared in recent years, which to a certain extent dispelled the concerns of consumers. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that new tea drinks that take into account the health and pleasant taste of "sugar free" are popular. Many experts believe that in health 1 Elasticity coefficient is defined as young's modulus of elasticity: the concept of the ratio of normal stress to normal strain in the same phase leads to a loss of 15.6%. The consumption potential of "zero calorie sugar free" is huge, and the sugar free diet market will be "full of gas" in the future. At the same time, this requires brands to actively adapt to the consumption upgrading trend, and perfectly combine "better eating" with "healthier"

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