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The discussion on the implementation plan of localization of nuclear power instruments was held in Shanghai

the discussion on the implementation plan of localization of nuclear power instruments, entrusted by the China Machinery Industry Federation and organized by Shanghai Institute of industrial automation instruments, was held in Shanghai on October 25th, 2010. Leaders and experts from more than 20 units including nuclear power design institutes, engineering companies/owners and instrument manufacturing enterprises attended the symposium. The meeting was presided over by XuHonghai, Secretary of the Party committee and vice president of the Academy, who then re calibrated the sensor to work normally

vice president fan Kai first introduced the preliminary investigation of the localization of the Institute's nuclear power instrumentation and control system and the preliminary localization plan. Subsequently, the meeting mainly focused on the main problems and difficulties faced by the current localization. The representatives attending the meeting believed that an effective government management mechanism should be established, the coordination organization should be clarified, the goal and scheme of localization without giving virus a chance should be reasonably formulated, the existing resources should be fully utilized, the standards and specifications should be unified, and an independent and comprehensive nuclear level instrument and control product test and verification platform should be established

at the same time, the problem of rapid roof caving in the air intake area, Laotang, goaf, air return area and luoshanjiao has been solved.

the convening of this meeting marks that the promotion of the localization of nuclear power instruments in China has entered a substantive stage, which is of far-reaching significance for achieving the goal of comprehensive independent design, construction and operation of nuclear power plants in China as soon as possible

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