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Successful cases of derys inverter in various industries

1 The application of sewage treatment in the municipal solid waste composting plant in Lidu Town, Fuling District, Chongqing in its scheme design, installation and commissioning to delivery, Its stable operation performance has won the trust and recognition of users. "No technology can bring such a great impact on greatly reducing the weight of the carrier rocket.

2. Hubei Suizhou Dadi Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (production of carbamide) Energy saving transformation of detectable steel strand of water supply system and fan system

275kw frequency converter is applied to the largest extent. Its good operation performance and energy-saving effect have created good economic benefits for users

3. The application of Shenzhen Longgang 18.5kw general type in factory driving

it is stable, safe and reliable, and has been well recognized and promoted by users

4. Application of 18.5kw general frequency converter of Zhuhai Jintao industrial washing machine

strong low-frequency torque, good material experimental machine integrates contemporary advanced technology into one body, good protection ability, and creates good benefits for users

5. Frequency conversion and energy-saving transformation of boiler system and air compressor of a printing and dyeing Co., Ltd. in Nanhai City, Guangdong Province

after the frequency conversion transformation of the fan, water pump, etc. and air compressor of its boiler system, its energy-saving effect is quite obvious: the energy-saving effect of the boiler system is 35.5%; The energy-saving effect of the air compressor is up to 40%; It improves the degree of automatic control and creates good economic benefits for users. The user was very satisfied

6. Foshan Yongke electromechanical machinery has been well applied in its woodworking machinery and ceramic machinery, creating good value for users and winning the trust of users

7. Frequency conversion and energy saving transformation of 280KW AC fan of shaft kiln in Shandong Zibo Chongzheng cement plant

its dirise2000 frequency converter has stable operation performance, and good companies will continue to maintain the research and development innovation energy-saving effect (energy saving up to 30%), which has been highly recognized and praised by users

8. The 75kW air compressor of Shandong Zibo Jinghua Glass factory has been transformed into a variable-frequency energy-saving one. Its operation performance is stable, and the energy saving is up to 45%. It has created good economic benefits for users, and has been comprehensively popularized and applied in its factories

9. Shandong Laiwu Wenhe Xianguang Chemical Co., Ltd. 45KW alkaline water machine frequency conversion energy-saving technology transformation

its stable operation performance, up to 25% energy-saving effect, and excellent performance in moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and dust-proof have been highly recognized and praised by users

10. Shanghai Chengjie, Guangdong Zhongshan Fengyuan and other extruders have outstanding performance in similar products

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