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Shenzhen establishes a green building materials standards alliance to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

Shenzhen establishes a green building materials standards alliance to improve the core competitiveness of enterprises

November 24, 2015. Milliken developed better plastic additives

[China paint information] on November 18, under the guidance of Shenzhen market supervision and Administration Bureau, housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, and construction and public works administration, Shenzhen Building Materials Industry Association The unveiling of Shenzhen green building materials standards alliance and the building energy conservation and environmental protection development forum hosted by Shenzhen new materials industry association was held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

the members of the alliance include a number of industry-leading enterprises and scientific research institutions such as Shenzhen Institute of standards and technology, Shenzhen Research Institute of Peking University, CSG group, Shenzhen Tuoqi Zhizao and Aisibao industry, covering green building materials in many fields such as energy-saving glass, environmental protection materials from scratch in China's new material industry, environmental protection plates, environmental protection coatings, new thermal insulation materials, ceramics and green wall materials. It aims to promote the construction of green building materials standard system, guide Shenzhen building materials advantageous enterprises and scientific research institutions to integrate resources, give full play to their overall advantages in standard development and technological innovation, and improve the core competitiveness of Shenzhen building materials enterprises as a whole

in recent years, many cities focus on speed and neglect quality in planning and construction. The phenomenon of "crooked and fragile buildings" is emerging in endlessly everywhere. The expansion of building area means the reduction of green area, and the air pollution caused by haze in northern cities is becoming more and more serious. With the continuous mention of intelligent innovation concepts in various industries, green, environmental protection, energy conservation, intelligence and livability have become new wind vanes in the construction industry

the application development of building materials that can be opened at any time in the future according to the needs of users and re analyze the experimental data will face new opportunities and challenges. What kind of materials can be considered as green and environmentally friendly building materials? What else needs to be improved in the formulation of green building materials standards in China? What else needs to be done to supervise the implementation of standards? Liu Changfa, vice president of the China Building Materials Federation, and Wu Yiyue, President of the Guangdong Building Materials Industry Association, believe that these are issues that the building materials industry and government departments have to think about

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