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Shunde: introduce automatic equipment to replace artificial sanitation

we will take Lecong as a pilot, and strive to complete the comprehensive upgrading and transformation of village waste collection and transportation facilities in the region in three years, basically solving the problems of low mechanization level, difficult employment and poor operation effect of sanitation and cleaning. Following the large-scale mobilization last Wednesday, Shunde yesterday put the sample under pressure. According to the draft plan approved by the European Union in October this year, the launching ceremony of the US city action was held on Sunday, officially opening the prelude to the upgrading of urban management. Huangxizhong, deputy secretary of Shunde District Party committee and acting head of Shunde District, said that this activity should really receive practical results in order to find a simpler and reliable force measurement method to give citizens a new urban environment

it is understood that at present, most of the village garbage collection points in Shunde are open garbage pools and garbage houses, and the fruit suitcases are not set up enough, which is not convenient for pedestrians to discard garbage, and is easy to cause secondary pollution to the environment

on the other hand, Shunde's environmental sanitation and cleaning operation threshold is set low, and environmental sanitation enterprises mainly operate in a small scale and scope, resulting in low-level competition, which is difficult to adapt to the modern urban management requirements of high labor intensity and high cleaning level. The relevant person in charge of Shunde District said. It is learned that the promotion level of marketization and specialization of sanitation work in Shunde District is still at a low level. Less than 40% of rural sanitation and cleaning are outsourced, of which about 85% are contracted to village service teams. The structure of sanitation workers is mainly middle-aged and elderly people, and the operation mode is mainly manual cleaning. Garbage collection vehicles are mainly trolleys and dump trucks. There are less than 50 garbage compression and collection vehicles in the region, with serious leakage

in response to the above problems, Shunde District yesterday issued the implementation plan for the transformation of Shunde District's domestic waste collection and transportation system and the management specification for domestic waste cleaning, collection and transportation. According to the plan, Lecong will be used as a pilot in this area, mechanized and automated equipment will be used to improve the management level of environmental sanitation and garbage collection and transportation, and strive to complete the comprehensive upgrading and transformation of village garbage collection and transportation facilities in three years

the plan also requires that large commercial buildings and large residential areas with more than 2000 households should build garbage collection stations independently, and the full load rate of garbage cans in each period should not be higher than 80%, and the covers should be kept closed to ensure the cleanness of the environment to the greatest extent. At the launching ceremony yesterday, Shunde District also showed the performance and power of various automatic environmental sanitation machinery from the refinery to the top leaders of the Shizhen Street government

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