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Sichuan province strengthens the cooperation between banks and forests to promote industrial development

with the non utilization of the forestry industry for many years, the continuous development of professional technology, the continuous enhancement of the strength of forestry enterprises, the continuous optimization of the forestry investment and financing environment without years of development, and the confidence of financial institutions in forestry investment continues to increase

in the first half of this year alone, the Sichuan Branch of the Agricultural Development Bank has supported 12 forestry industry projects, including Sichuan Guodong medium and high density board, Sichuan Shengda flooring, Chengdu Jianfeng board, Leshan Yongfeng paper, Nanchong Fuda bamboo, and Qionglai qilongshan paper, which needs to be equipped with a regulated power supply. It has accepted loan applications of 353 million yuan and approved loans of 326 million yuan

in order to further strengthen cooperation with financial institutions, establish mutual trust and mutual assistance, and give full play to the supporting role of financial funds in the development of the forestry industry, on September 25, renyongchang, director of the provincial forestry department, and the Agricultural Development Bank of China, Sichuan Branch, China Development Bank extended from the outer shell manufacturing of electronic products to the internal products, Sichuan Branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, Sichuan Branch of the industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Sichuan Branch Leaders of 9 financial institutions including China Merchants Bank Sichuan Branch, China CITIC Bank Sichuan Branch, industrial bank Sichuan branch and Shenzhen Development Bank Sichuan Branch signed cooperation agreements and reached cooperation intentions with Minsheng Bank Sichuan branch and UNITA insurance company Sichuan branch

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