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Telefonica deployed SIAE microtronica integrated ip/mpls L3 microwave radio to enhance its backhaul network

as the world's leading operator in the field of fixed and mobile telecommunications networks, Telefonica and the leader of wireless transmission technology, SIAE microtronica successfully tested the integrated ip/mpls function of ags20 layer3 (L3) microwave radio on the spot in Ecuador, So as to enhance the existing backhaul network of the current and future 5g mobile generation. The next step is to deploy in the whole network

ags20 L3 microwave radio integrated ip/mpls network, as an integrated CSA (cell site aggregator), provides Spain Telecom with the integration of all services on the IP layer, and extends ip/mpls to all cell sites

Jes folgueira, global head of gctio IP and transmission network of Telefonica, said: by integrating ip/mpls into microwave radio, we can simplify the network architecture one step further, integrate all functions into a single device in the cellular site, so as to significantly reduce direct capital expenditure (capex) and infrastructure. He added that since all data processing passes through a single switching fabric, the transmission performance is further enhanced, thereby reducing the number of network elements in the link and improving latency

Paolo galbiati, head of SIAE microelectrolettronica product life cycle management (at present, the biggest difficulty in Mongolia China trade is the transportation problem PLM), added that integrating L3 network functions into microwave radio is a natural choice to maintain the evolution of mobile networks to infrastructure with richer functions and higher thermal insulation performance at the lowest cost. But it is still very new. P/mpls supports high scalability and multipath service protection in the current topology, mainly in the mixed deployment of microwave and optical fiber

about Telefonica

Telefonica is one of the telecom companies with the highest market capitalization and the largest number of customers in the world, with comprehensive products and connection quality provided through first-class fixed, mobile and broadband networks. As a growing company, Telefonica is proud to provide a differentiated experience based on corporate values and an open position to protect the interests of customers

the company has carried out important businesses in 17 countries, with more than 356million visits to advanced basic materials, key strategic materials and cutting-edge new materials worldwide. Telefonica has strong influence in Spain, Europe and Latin America, and the company focuses on an important part of its growth strategy in these regions

about SIAE microtronica

SIAE microtronica is a leader in wireless communication technology. It is committed to providing operators with advanced microwave and millimeter wave transmission, services and design solutions. SIAE microelectrolettronica designs and produces its proprietary RF components. The company is equipped with internal RF laboratory and dust-free room facilities, and completes product assembly through its latest generation of SMT intelligent manufacturing 4.0 facilities

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