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Shunde Jiabaoli developed a new curing agent for green paint

Shunde Jiabaoli developed a new curing agent for green paint

March 12, 2001

a green paint - "meimeimen series

Health paint" curing agent developed by Guangdong Shunde Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd., a Sino foreign joint venture, recently passed the Guangdong provincial technical appraisal, filling the domestic gap

at present, the main component of polyester paint and polyurethane paint on the market is curing agent (also known as hardener), which generally accounts for 1/3 of the red and yellow warning mechanism paint for product quality. The main chemical raw material for manufacturing the curing agent is TDI (toluene diisocyanate

ester), which is quite toxic. The residual TDI content of the curing agent of polyester paint polyurethane paint widely used by people is between 5% and 8%, and a few inferior products are even as high as 10%, which is toxic. If people inhale excessive free

tdi of curing agent for a long time, it will damage the lungs and cause headache, bronchitis, asthma and other diseases

according to international regulations, especially in China, the content of free TDI in household polyester paint should be less than 0.5%; China stipulates that the content of free TDI

less than 2% is environmental friendly polyester paint. Due to the high technical difficulty of reducing TDI residue and large material cost investment, the domestic coating manufacturers have failed to solve this problem, and the experiment is becoming complex and long-term. Therefore, in the eighth and ninth five year plans, China has assigned the task of overcoming the free TDI in the curing agent of polyester paint and polyurethane paint

Jiabaoli Chemical Co., Ltd. signed the project of developing "health paint" with Wuyi University seven years ago to evaporate the free TDI content in the curing agent of polyester paint by "film

evaporation method". After unremitting efforts, it is not surprising that the thorniest problem of high free TDI content of curing agent in the coating industry was finally solved in August last year, and the residual amount of free TDI was controlled at 0.5%, below the harmless level and below the non-toxic level of 2%, reaching the same standard as foreign harmless and non-toxic curing agents

according to the prediction of experts, it is imperative for non-toxic, harmless and healthy environmental curing agents to replace ordinary toxic curing agents. In the next few years, toxic curing agents will be eliminated by the market and return people to a clean and healthy working and living environment

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