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Recently, Shimadzu international must resolve structural contradictions in the economy through reform. The signing and unveiling ceremony of the laboratory jointly built by trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Second University of technology was held in Conference Room 201 of the graphic information center of Shanghai Second University of technology. The signing ceremony was presided over by Wang Jingwei, Dean of the school of urban construction and environmental engineering of the second industrial and Technological University. Mr. guzehonger, chairman of Shimadzu international trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Hu Sheng, deputy secretary of the second industrial university attended the signing ceremony, unveiled the signboard and gave gifts to each other. The guests invited to the signing ceremony included authoritative experts from Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai University and other units, as well as leaders of more than a dozen companies that have close cooperation with both parties. The Department of analytical instruments of Shimadzu company conducted a preliminary study on the high-value utilization of fly ash in plastics. Leaders Guan and heads of relevant departments of the second industrial university also attended the meeting

After the signing ceremony, the guests visited the co construction laboratory. At present, the laboratory has been equipped with gas chromatography mass spectrometer gcms-qp2010plus, high performance liquid chromatography lc-20a, uv-2550, energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometer edx-720, scanning probe microscope spm-9600, etc. produced by Shimadzu company

Shanghai Second Polytechnic University can carry out the contraction experiment; Tensile connectors are installed between the mobile beam and the upper beam, which has great influence on education research and industry. Shimadzu and the school of urban construction and environmental engineering of Shanghai Second University of technology have broad prospects for cooperation in the recycling of electronic waste, green electronic materials, environmental functional materials and environmental monitoring. With the purpose of accelerating the modernization of China's analytical instruments and testing industry, the two sides have established a co construction laboratory based on the concept of providing excellent testing technology and improving after-sales service for the majority of users. Now the school of urban construction and environmental engineering of Shanghai Second University of technology has been equipped with high-quality analytical instruments. In the future, the two sides are ready to cooperate with Chinese enterprises to produce their own plastic extrusion machinery, find their own analytical technology in related fields of development, exchange technical information in fields of common concern, and share relevant research results and technologies

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