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Shenzhen yuanwanggu launched UHF RFID Jewelry Tags

Shenzhen yuanwanggu Information Technology Co., Ltd. recently launched a UHF RFID jewelry tag, which is mainly used for jewelry inventory and tracking management. This model xctf-8108 UHF jewelry label meets the G2 Standard of EPC C1, with 95% of the enterprise's annual revenue of less than 100 million yuan. It is small and light, has excellent anti-counterfeiting performance, and can be rewritten repeatedly, effectively reducing the cost

the global unique identification code contained in the jewelry label cannot be changed and copied, which can ensure that in the following cases: during the automatic identification process, the label corresponds to the jewelry goods one by one, and there will be no wrong identification code allocation. The tag has a 32-bit access password and kill instructions, which can more effectively protect the information security of goods and user privacy, and safeguard the interests of both consumers and merchants. In addition, the data storage of the tag can realize complex multi-step nested loop control It can set functions such as automatic return, automatic fracture judgment, automatic zeroing, etc., and can save a large amount of relevant information such as jewelry brand, product number, origin, quality, price, etc., which greatly saves human resources, reduces the possibility of errors due to manual operation, and thus ensures the efficiency and quality of work

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