Some problems to be considered when purchasing pit

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Some problems to be considered when purchasing pitot tubes

problems to be considered when purchasing pitot tubes founded in 2001 according to my own sales experience and understanding of pitot tubes, the following problems to be considered when purchasing pitot tubes are obtained: 1. Installation point A. if the wind pull in the pipe is measured within the range of 200 newtons, it is enough, then the shape of the pipe must be considered. Generally, the pipe is circular, The effective length of the pitot tube shall be at least (2) greater than the outer radius of the pipe, and the installation point can be arbitrary; If the pipe is square, the minimum distance from the center point can be selected as the installation point, which can save the material of the pitot tube. B. if the air outlet is measured, the pitot tube can be of any length without fixed installation. As long as the hand is held for measurement. 2. The measurement point can be measured in any place. The measurement point must select the preparation technology of wind-resistant, high-temperature, corrosion-resistant microporous and porous thermal insulation material; Non polluting energy-saving material manufacturing technology that replaces traditional materials and significantly reduces energy consumption; Preparation technology of oven free repair materials; New energy development and utilization related inorganic nonmetallic material preparation technology; Preparation technology of new transparent ceramics with high light transmittance; Preparation technology of low radiation coated glass and multilayer structure glass; High efficiency thermal insulation material preparation technology; Other new mechanism energy saving and new energy material preparation technology center point 3. Type selection of pitot tube: generally, L-type is selected. If the medium contains slag, S-type pitot tube with back-to-back anti blocking is selected. 4. Selection of pitot tube diameter: generally, the diameter is 6mm and 8mm. If the wind speed is large, we can choose a little larger 10mm. If the length of pitot tube is too long, we can choose to add a protective sleeve outside to prevent bending, Affect the measurement results

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